6 reasons why you should not drink on a first date

Dinner and wine, to meet in the bar for a couple of cocktails - standard script first date. Alcohol is used as an elixir that will help the two unfamiliar people relax, get close and get to know each other better. Often, however, it acts just the opposite: prevent adequately assess the person to show themselves true and pushes on rash acts. Tell us why drink on a first date - a bad idea.

1. Do you want to make sure that the correct read its social signals

6 reasons why you should not drink on a first date

Alcohol may give you a false sense of confidence and make wishful thinking. Alcohol dulls the intuition and capacity for empathy, which is especially important during the first meeting with the man.

As a result, you can get away from the meeting, no doubt that he is you and your greatness, although the guy all evening clearly hints - your first meeting will be the last. Or even worse: you miss important alarms, such as attempts to manipulate you or disrespect.

If a date for you - not just a fun way to spend the evening, but also a chance to find a serious relationship, leave yourself a chance to think soberly and adequately perceive what is happening.

2. You want him to recognize you present

The belief that alcohol helps a person to be sincere and show "your real self", is only partly true. Drink makes people more relaxed, daring, pushes for reckless behavior, but that does not mean that a drunken man behaves as if he wanted, but could not bring himself to sobriety. Someone in a state of intoxication begins quickly and a lot of talking, someone pulls the risk or lead is not always appropriate in dealing with the unfamiliar person emotional conversations. But all this does not make us a while, if only because most of the time in a sober state, we do not conduct themselves well.

The adage "that a sober mind, then a drunk in a language" - is also questionable wisdom, because sometimes due to alcohol people are beginning to bear such nonsense, which usually do not even think. It's time to stop treating alcohol as a truth serum, because it does not always work that way.

3. You want to be sure that he'll really like the

Alcohol interferes not only to perceive social cues interlocutor, but also their own feelings. After a couple of glasses of wine almost anyone, as well as life in general seems a bit nicer than it actually is.

Drunken extremely easy to please: now and jokes seem funnier, the food is delicious, and the guy's cute. Unfortunately, this effect evaporates together with alcohol. So before you drink together, a good idea to make sure that this person is agreeable to you and when you're both sober.

4. In a state of intoxication you can not give informed consent to sex

This is one of the most dangerous consequences of drinking on a date with an unfamiliar person. Suppose you do not get drunk to unconsciousness and even the initsiiruesh sex, in the morning you can regret it as soon as you understand that you ran the alcohol and not real sexual desire. And this is not the worst consequence of drunken sex, because you do not know how to behave in a guy like this and whether you can stop unwanted actions on time. To sleep or not to sleep with a guy on a first date - it's just the two of you, but it's worth doing consciously. If you want to practice safe sex by mutual consent, the alcohol will only interfere. Also in the vicinity of your quality of alcohol also affects not the best way, because it dulls sensation.

5. Your confidence should not depend on the presence of alcohol

Drink "for courage" - not the best idea. This is a temporary and fraught with unpleasant consequences of the measure. Reliance should not be dependent on alcohol, all the more so to drink at every meeting with the guy you can not, and therefore, the first awkward date sober will still take place, just later than it could have.

There are far more effective and healthy ways to add yourself confidence ahead of a meeting with the guy, and we about them already told you.

6. You should find out whether it can be open and honest without drinking

If you are important to be near a person who is able to speak openly and honestly about their feelings about themselves, it is unlikely you will approach the one who for candor always need alcohol. It is sad at the second meeting to find that interesting sociable sincere guy actually squeezed and moody type.