8 reasons why a guy recognized in sympathy, but does nothing

What you like guys, is not a guarantee that he wants relations with you. Sometimes everything is going to make you a pair of: having a good time together, he cares about you and clearly shows his feelings, but he does not dare to determine your status. Such mixed signals are confusing, and the reasons for them can be very different. Heroine collected only some explanation as to why the guy recognized in sympathy, but is afraid to go on.

1. He is very serious about the relationship

8 reasons why a guy recognized in sympathy, but does nothing

One of us it is important how to determine the format of relations as soon as possible, and they are ready to declare himself a pair of once meet someone who is nice to them. For others enter into a relationship - it's almost an oath of eternal fidelity and love, so they do not hurry up with big words and deeds. As a rule, the second type of people is very painfully aware of the gap, and therefore in no hurry to commit.

Try to figure out how the guy basically refers to the relationship: whether they were with him before and how much, it is an affair or exceptionally serious novels.

2. It is on the verge of a major change

Another reason why a guy who obviously likes you, in no hurry to move on to something more - now all too hard in his life. Perhaps he is preparing to change jobs or are thinking about moving to another city. In this case, do not enter into a relationship, has not yet decided its priorities - a mature solution that is not worth condemning. But to remain or not in such a limbo - only your choice.

3. He had a bad experience in the past, relations

Unsuccessful separation can completely discourage the desire to ever enter into a relationship. This condition can be understood, but it would be nice to know how it is running. Complaints about a broken heart, of course, worthy of sympathy, but do not be shy to ask if he needed a little time to get over it, or he decided to spend the rest of his life as a free man.

4. It is not certain that you are "the same"

Maybe you really like the guy, and you are happy to spend time together, but in you have the qualities that he does not like. For example, it confuses your attitude to money, habit or reluctance to have children.

In this case, the guy you need a little more time to see if he is willing to put up with the fact that it is in you annoying or not. Even well, if he accepts this decision before you enter into a serious relationship.

5. He has unfinished relationships

Not necessarily talking about the actual relationship, perhaps the guy still can not understand his feelings for ex-girlfriend. Sometimes people come into a new romantic relationship, to distract and to see whether they will be able to forget the old love.

In any case, you do not deserve to be a staging post. If you know that the guy tangled relationship with his ex-girlfriend and he still feels for her complex feelings, encouraged him to be alone and to understand yourself, and only then try to get acquainted with someone else.

6. He is afraid that the unworthy of you

Sometimes a guy can pull with the relationship, because it is not confident and afraid that this girl is too steep for him. What not to do in this situation - to convince him that you are very unassuming and nothing at all from him did not you demand and expect. Talk honestly about their expectations and opportunities, perhaps he will see that things are not as bad as it seemed, and no supernatural feats and sacrifices you do not expect. Or, on the contrary, both of you will find that very different time and parted.

7. He does not see you with my girl

Have a good time together and have a good life together - different things. Maybe it fun and enjoyable to you, but his wife, he sees someone quite unlike you. The main thing in this case - that the guy was able to frankly admit it, and not to take your head off.

8. He is comfortable in a relationship without commitment

man often goes no further, because corny afraid of commitment. Perhaps now it is not prepared to remain faithful to a girl, to be responsible for their actions or limit yourself. There is nothing reprehensible, again, if a person openly expresses his feelings. Decide whether you fleeting romance format is suitable, but not consent to it, in the hope that the man will change his mind, or get used to change.