Negative emotions and positive thinking

Most people try to avoid negative emotions and conflicts. Thereby causing harm to themselves. This is the notorious "positive thinking" confuse people even more.

It is no secret that in life there is a place around:

and sadness, and joy;

and sorrow, and happiness;

There are tears and laughter.

We are going through different shades of emotions and feelings, and that's fine. Even negative emotions and conflicts we are very necessary and important. Without them, we would be degraded. Through them, the person grows and develops, learns to listen to yourself and listen to others.

Only when we feel bad, we do something to change their lives. So there is growth, development and evolution of man. If it has always been "all good", we would spend days "lay on the couch," and there would be no change in the life, growth and progress. In general - the swamp.

If we avoid negative emotions and feelings that go along with them and the positive. Any emotion - it is our energy. Refusing to "negative" experiences, we renounce its power to block it for free. This energy can be directed to the introduction of something valuable in his life, on some changes. Sometimes, for example, it is valuable in anger to destroy the old rotten attitude that pull down, pick up vital energy, does not enrich. And it will be a new growth point.

Human anger similar to happiness: both joy and pleasure, it makes us move forward. While the mountain forced to step back in order to gain strength and energy. Feelings and emotions help us navigate and to be in contact with the surrounding reality. They tell us:

  • what's going on?
  • to us in this?
  • how are we going to?
  • comfortable? or you need to change something?
  • how to take care of themselves, to be safe, it's nice? ..

The so-called positive thinking, many perceive as the neglect of their own "negative" emotions and feelings. At the same time they try to avoid conflicts, allow others to violate the boundaries of their own personality and with a smile on his face violate other people's boundaries. In this sense, "positive thinking" - is something artificial, devoid of vitality, sensuality, in which there is the most valuable and important: credibility.

Positive thinking, based on confidence in yourself -

this way of thinking, when there is any problem or illness is seen as a situation which already contains the solution and the resources to address it. And there are a lot of feeling and living all that rises, because without this it is impossible to enter the resource state.

Live more often!