How to cope with anxiety (Part 2)

How to cope with anxiety (Part 2)

Continues the theme of anxiety.

In a previous article I talked about the anxiety that occurs in the objective situation, and about the simple ways that allow you to cope with this anxiety, or somehow survive it.

You can go back and read the first part of the article.

Now I would like to stay at the "unfounded" alarm.

There is no objective situation. There is no reason. But the alarm bell rings it softly, then louder.

How do we explain it myself? After all, oddly worrying for no reason. We call it a premonition, that is, we start to think that this is now the situation is not - but something happens.

Sometimes, by the way, may occur. Because of the good life consists of events and not very much. Life is spontaneous. And we are experiencing causeless alarm, tie it to some negative events, if it suddenly did happen.

We had this trouble somewhere somehow accommodate.

Of course, in such situations there is some intuitive. In the sense that we see indicators of "bad" situation, but at the moment we do not want to deal with them. We are closing on them anxiously. But these beacons will inevitably lead to the emergence of a bad situation. And our alarm is unfounded in fact - it is a normal anxiety, situational, but we have also hidden from himself. Example. Girl in a relationship.

This is the beginning of the relationship, and she is in love. The young man gives her his behavior beacons: promised - did not call, schedule meetings - suddenly having to do, she called him - hears the noisy company. But each time these signals are ignored, such as Statement explains the worries, like a premonition of something bad. And then he disappears completely, or she sees a photo of him with another girl. And she herself said? Here's what I know, because it's a premonition.

It is clear that she had every reason to understand what the situation is over.

But I did not want to deal with the outcome to the last.

In such situations the alarm works. But it is objective.

But there is really biased anxiety. When the sky is cloudless. Where does it come? Her we hear the worst. It does not lie on the surface, as a situational anxiety.

And often it can be a recognizable by the obsessive-compulsive behavior.

What it is? Obsession - obsession that provokes a kind of ritual act - compulsions.

It sounds scary, but it looks very simple.


  • Here is the habit of closing the door, leaving, and then go back and check electrical appliances. Although before that you all have been already checked everything.
  • Or put the car on the alarm, retreated to fifty meters back - again checked.

This can be any ritual actions: stand with your right foot, read fifty vital installations before going to work, leave documents on the desktop to the right instead of the left. Anything.

If you're thinking that recall some of your personal rituals.

These rituals like allow us something to monitor. In fact, they mask the alarm. If the ritual is not performed, then we begin to feel this anxiety. It rises inside. And it is not about what you do not turn off the iron.

If your life is going on and a lot of this - of course, it is necessary to deal with the essence of the most anxiety. Because in this case, itself alarm masks the feeling with which we are not prepared to face today.

Anxiety appears instead of this feeling.

And this feeling can sometimes lie on the surface. If you try to mask his anxiety is not a ritual, and contact with it, you will get the answer.

What you might worry when you go to work?

  • Iron or frustration of the same work.
  • or fear of commitment in his new position.
  • Or some diffidence.

Or your family evening turns into a ritual. Although they have never been, and you can afford to be arbitrary. With what feelings you do not want to face? It may be, hurt, pain, irritation associated with the problems in the relationship. Or you are generally very difficult encounter with spontaneity in life. Such total control over life. All painted point by point. Rigid plan - it is also a kind of ritual. Because as soon as something goes wrong, an alarm is raised immediately.

Try to find the answer - this alarm masks?

If you can get the answer, you will be in contact with this feeling, and it will be clear that with this feeling to do and how to take care of myself, so as not to experience.

Therefore, the causeless alarm does not happen.

Behind her are feelings and emotions with which we want to communicate e.

Sometimes, in fact, they may be deep, childhood and the unconscious. Then alone will be difficult to get an answer. But it is better to deal with it than to live in the feeling of causeless alarm. Which, as I said, can push us to panic attacks and phobias.

That's the way I am now armed with the information you have about the alarm. Be glad!