Parents, children do not need your pain, they need to childhood!

Dear parents are very large or even little children.

I would like to address to you with a view

that you better have considered their children.

Maybe they're different, are not what you want to see them, it is not like you in his views and convictions or not at all similar.

Most importantly, they are special in itself, especially for you as a parent, especially for each of you individually.

Why is it so important, we try to understand together.

1) does not interfere with the children in their relationship with a partner, relatives, acquaintances.

Children are in other respects to you: they are children - and they depend on you.

Even if you are hurt, you can tell your child, but do not force it to choose between parents, between friends and family. Not forced into taking sides.

This is your relationship with someone, rather than the child's relationship with him, so that you, as an adult and responsible person, to solve their problems themselves. Do not make the child's relations hostage when he grows up, he will understand himself, how he treats my mom and dad, but do not need to "blacken" the reputation of each other.

When you want your child or children to protect you, you become a child, and they were older, and this is the system turns the family upside down, and the lives of your children, too. Not least because the children you believe you are the person to whom they are open-hearted. Do not betray their own children.

After all, trust is nowhere to buy, and it will take time - and the children grow up, and you do not have to wonder why you have such a complicated relationship with them. 2) Do not compare with other children as possible.

It seems that the child has grown ambitious and determined, he needs to know, someone to be, especially in today's race. There is one "but": he must know himself and his true level and then select the target to achieve, it will take time. And if someone is always better than him, then there is a big chance that he will soon believe that will never reach that level.

Especially if his beloved parents, people who he trusted, too, believe that "those other kids better." Of course, an important measure, but the child is not only equal to your opinion, but also for you. You are his example, how much freedom of choice or given.

He hears you talking about others, he hears you say about it, and even how much you are sincere to him.

But there is a simple truth that it is important and necessary to tell the children:

"You've got the most beautiful, intelligent, capable girl!"

or "You are my most beautiful, intelligent, smart boy!".

So they know that parents are the best to be able to use this knowledge when they have something does not work.

To know that there is a place where their exact value!

3) Love and listen to their children.

To love their children, need so little and so much at a time. They need to love sincerely for what they are, without expectations and their own unrealized desires. Love - this is to explain that when you get angry at them, you love them all the same.

Yet it is important to explain to children that when you argue with his wife (by God) because of the children, it does not mean that children are guilty of something, and they often think so. Of course, it would be good to do this not to see the explanation of the relationship and mutual claims. But that does not mean you have to arrange theater to the children about how you love each other, if it is not. Respect each other and their children! And if the kids want to talk to you, give them a little time at least to arrange when you discuss with them what they wanted to say. Sometimes they need now - and really need now is again about the credibility of you and that they are still dependent on you.

4) Be happy!

This is one of the essential foundations of how your children will be happy, especially in adulthood. Sacrifices that you have brought on their own, even if it was for the sake of children who do not have a direct relationship to your children, this is your own choice.

And most importantly, children need happy parents, so all of what you have refused, shall be done of you are deeply unhappy man! They do not need to tolerate each other's parents, only to have the child was visually complete family. Let no one would notice, but notice your child, and if you do not notice it feels. Protect your children!

By the way, the children you love, no matter what, so enjoy and, in spite of everything!

P. S. If you are afraid to injure their children education, give them money for a psychologist or psychotherapist. The same assistance may be required, and you, and it is a worthy contribution to the life and future of children!