Stupid diet = weight

A lot of people holding their weight with the aim to lose weight, first of all, forget to eat right.

Few people think that healthy food is not always correct. In pursuit of all funds are used for the coveted weight loss. On popular forums or even write properly, or knowingly keep back the important things.

Almost every young lady losing weight is one or more friends and acquaintances who are sitting on a diet, not only lost weight, but also a gain excess. Even under very strict serious diets, in which it is necessary to refuse the vast majority of products.

Not for nothing has the world nutritionists - dietitians, because science is not an easy thing, as they say to us Yellow Pages. In weight loss there are many subtleties that are necessary and important to know in order to give the body a chance to get rid of excess.

Let's talk about the errors in the diet.

The water and the body.

Some sources say nonsense about the water dosage, and that the smaller the better - and in others write that the water you need to drink a lot. It will not go away the standard rate of water intake for humans - it is 30-40 ml per kilogram of body weight.

Lose weight due to water loss stupid. Water for the body is very important, our body is 60-80 percent water. If the body enough liquid - it is dehydrated, and hence there is a lot of adverse disruption of the entire organism. Water cleanses, helps to absorb certain substances, protects internal organs, and participates in joint fluid and so on. Well, if you get completely drunk the water, the water cleans too many useful minerals the body and gives an increased load on the excretion organs.

A lot of people do not eat breakfast.

Especially great to watch such people who do not eat after 18:00. The body never sleeps really. Even when your mind dreams - the brain and body work. To deprive him of food - to deprive the salary. In order to "accelerate" the metabolism, which is slower in overweight people and people with a lack of physical activity, healthy and just need a proper breakfast. Breakfast is a complete protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Remember, the body needs a lot of energy to break down fat in the abdomen or hips, or build muscle. Or give him strength good breakfast - or the body does not want to wake up, and will "eat" your same muscles that you did not go anywhere and did not spend his strength.

Eat as little as possible.

Going on about the strange diets or simply earn, people overlook the needs of the organism. Especially when it comes to a person on a diet. Schedule besides standard - is about to be finalized and sing, and yet so can go all day. In the evening, in a state of wild hunger, the body throw the entire daily requirement - stomach "thank you" will not say, because the digest at a time it can a limited number of products. The rest remains to rot in the stomach. If a person is on a strict diet and rarely eats more, the body is again not receive "wages" and eventually slow down themselves. For the normal functioning of the body need to eat quite often, without departing from the recommended daily energy intake. The easiest way to do this is by eating small portions. As a "snack" is well suited fruits and berries, some nuts and cereals, protein-based smoothies and cottage cheese.

When you stand on the way of tracking how you eat and how much weigh - be prepared for the fact that the advisers of the crowd begin to share with the "success stories" you. These stories will contain information about the water and the lack of breakfast, and on rare meals. Sometimes words are very convincing. But do not be deceived by them. Keep a good sense, and the goal will not take long!

Since losing weight is associated much more myths. But for them - another time.