Why do I still have not lost weight?

Why do I still have not lost weight?

I often write about the excess weight

and how to deal with it.

At this time I would like to develop the theme of misconceptions about weight loss, which I touched on in my articles (for example, "Stupid diet = weight" or "11 myths about calories").

So, to the list of errors!

to eat properly without physical education.

For starters, losing weight, people need to know and remember how to burn fat. The fat is oxidized by oxygen, and oxygen, in turn, enters the body through aerobic exercise.

For someone your favorite sport is running, for someone - walking, biking, water aerobics and other exercises. In general, the main task of losing weight - create a terms of the dynamics of. If you lose weight at home without additional loads, you can not get very good results - sagging skin, high cholesterol and unstable weight, which will seek to continue its quantity. Remember, diet - is stress, and in stressful situations, the body will create itself "nychki" in the form of fat reserves, and only exercise to help cope with stress.

Do not eat after six in the evening.

Here again, everything upside down. I would say that "one can not eat after six." Given the fact that few of pohudayuschih goes to bed just after six, his stress body will store on a rainy day all that it gets after a hunger strike. As a rule, the person goes to bed at 22-23 hours, ie at least 4-5 hours after the "hour X" - 18:00, then during sleep about 8 hours without eating the body, too - a total of 12 hours in the body is not nutritious substances. So do not.

As it has been written above me - need to eat frequent small meals. The last such a small portion or snack should be two to two and a half hours before bedtime. The organism is not a fool, listen to him and let him eat.

Do not eat all the fat.

The generalization of our enemy. Again, people, excluding entirely from the diet of fat, not very educated in terms of nutrition. There are two kinds of fats:

  • saturated fats (animal fats, butter, tropical hydrogenated vegetable fats),
  • unsaturated fats (olive, peanut, soybean, corn, linseed, rapeseed, wheat germ oil and walnut oil, fish oil, olives, avocado).

There is such a thing as trans fat - is extremely harmful byproducts produced during the hydrogenation of unsaturated fats. The percentage of trans fats in food is different, but the most poisonous of these hydrogenated fat - up to 67%, margarine - up to 40%, cooking oils - to 46%, and beef fat spreads - up to 6%, milk fat - up to 8, 6%.

In many countries, transfats severely limited at the state level or banned altogether. But, unfortunately, we have not. Total: you need to eat very little fat and limit fast foods and trans fats. A fatty acids have a beneficial effect on the immune system, skin, hair, nails and hormones.

Diet Pills.

Man as a mean for so many years, he opened the Moon and Mars, stem cells and peaceful and not very atoms, cloning learned - these people do not believe in the magic pill for weight loss. Unfortunately, the marketing and the television did not have a beneficial effect on the minds of some people scratching their logic and substitute knowledge. This is a business, money, work on the weaknesses of others.

There is not a tea or a pill that will resolve the abdomen or buttocks. Let me remind you - fat is not burned and oxidized by oxygen. Man moves - heart beats - lungs breathe - oxygen enters - the blood is saturated - muscles work - the fat is oxidized - fat output.

I suggest you analyze what they read, and I'll think about it, what else can share with you on this topic.

Well, if you, too, remembered some myths about diet - invite you to discuss it in the comments.