You will not lose weight if ... This need to know for a successful diet

You will not lose weight if ... This need to know for a successful diet

Recently I received a letter. In the letter, the woman who has tried a lot of diets, says that now decided to try vegetarianism in the hope that "this time it happens."

Here is a small piece of writing.

"You write in their articles about how to lose weight. I tried to take into account the recommendations, but can not be the same as for all of the following! I finished more suitable weight loss system in which it is written, what foods can be eaten, and what - you can not. Now I'll try vegetarianism, because it seems to me that it will be useful for my weight. Well, logically the same: meat fat, and fat is not to. "

This letter gave rise to in order to continue the conversation about the misconceptions about diet.

Vegetarianism, veganism, raw food or energy diet - a panacea for losing weight.

Let's talk about amino acids.


  • What is it? It is the nutrients that make up our proteins.
  • What are they? Our body polzuet amino acids for growth, development and stabilization of various hormones, enzymes and antibodies as well as for recovery. They inhibit catabolism, reduce your appetite and keep muscles intact.
  • How many of them? Twenty. Eight of them are not synthesized in the body, and come to us with the animal food. Quite simply, do not give them the body - it is ill.

With regard to energy diet.

On jars, bottles, bar marketers very beautifully written that you will, but this is again a fairy tale. Beautiful natural ingredients are full labels. Are you sure that this subsistence economy at least something good will in your body? Especially in such dosages. That is what most in such bottles - so it's sugar or its substitutes, and it complicates the process of your weight loss . As a rule, the energy dietetic products are used very cheap raw materials. Sellers mass market does not want you to lost weight - they want you to buy. If you really want to eat, and on the way there is nothing special - Fortified yogurt or protein cocktail.

The products with amazing shelf life.

I'll try to remind the Ministry of Health - not eat canned food.

Canned - food emergency.

Food before placing it in the bank is exposed to strong heat treatment, its structure is destroyed. In general, biomass is obtained, which can fill the stomach if absolutely necessary. To this biomass had a taste, come to the aid of flavorings, colorings, flavor enhancers.

Well, the benefits of preservative that is not written in any book. At the exit we receive gastrointestinal disorders, allergies and other similar diseases.

The fat is derived as a result of warming up of various parts of the body.

I repeat: the fat "removed" from the body under the influence of oxidation.

But still there are people who believe in termopoyasov and wrapping cling film. Well, or salon treatment wraps. Or go to the sauna a good "sweat" and, as a consequence, lose weight ...

Please pay attention when you are sweating as a result of such procedures - from the body does not appear fat and sweat. And this is not the pot of fat. But under the film locked sweat can "decorate" your skin rashes and pimples. And finally - every diet and exercise should properly and individually select, preferably with a specialist. It is important to keep a diary of food and loads to make anthropometric measurements several times a month.

Now let's gather together all

what we know about the right weight loss

(You are familiar with my other articles on this topic? :)

  • to drink as much as you need;
  • to feed themselves in the morning;
  • to eat every 2-3 hours, or at least have a bite at this time;
  • engage in any physical activity for at least an hour a day or 2-3 times a week for 2 hours;
  • necessarily consume fats;
  • to remember that "magic pill" and teas for weight loss does not exist, as there is no fat loss from the local thermal effect;
  • attentive to a vegetarian diet, and poor-quality bioadditives;
  • to avoid canned products.