Is it possible to learn happiness?

Is it possible to learn happiness?

With the theme of happiness I work the most.

I conduct a seminar on "The psychology of happiness", working with this in the consultations and trainings. I am sure that everyone is able to live life in a state of happiness and joy, this feature was originally laid in each of us.

Many take for the happiness of a state, when nothing hurts, and nobody bothers. So you can think of until you know the taste of true happiness . Only then will you know how it is different.

I understand happiness as a state of inner joy, love and harmony, not burdened with anxieties, doubts and negative emotions. Ideally it should be felt all the time, rather than rare moments.

The truly happy people is not enough.

But - good news! - it can be learned.

Nobody argues with the fact that happy people live better and work more efficiently.

But why so few people feel it at all obvious benefits of happiness?

The reason lies in the basic error - an incorrect answer to the main question in the life of a man - "Who am I?"

Every person has the lower 'I' and higher 'I'.

lower "I"

this is our body (with his desire for sex, food, sleep and safety) and false ego (with his desire to get pleasure from life, recognition, respect and love).

Most people are looking for happiness in meeting the needs of the lower "I", ie security, material well-being, achievements, entertainment, sensual pleasures. But along the way there are only short-term satisfaction but not happiness.

In this hard to believe for many, because we zombified values ​​of the modern world, taught us that the key to happiness - this status, material well-being, visual appeal and a lot of sex. Those who go this way, sooner or later, will be sorely disappointed - there is no happiness, never was and never will.

Happiness can be found when we live the life of the Supreme "I".

Higher "I"

our soul, it also has its own needs, radically different from the false ego needs. Higher "I" wants to realize its purpose, as well as developing the ability to love - yourself, others and the world in general, the development of the moral qualities of character.

If the lower "I" wants to get as much out of life, then the Higher "I" tends to give as much as possible and create. When a person breaks through the armor of the false ego, he starts to hear his higher 'I' and learns to live from this position, be sure to happiness happens. Moreover, it is generally the only way to be happy :))

My task - to help a person to change the perception of themselves and learn their real "I", understand their needs and how to follow them. When this happens, the happiness comes to life regardless of external circumstances.

After that, usually, and external circumstances change for the better. Working principle - "like attracts like", and inner happiness are attracted amazing events, luck and new opportunities. Those who "ventured" and began to work on yourself, already know this from experience - life is improving in almost all indicators, but happiness is a reality every day.

The most amazing thing - but only a few disputes, but systematically start working on finding the Higher "I" is not more than 10%. The rest are waiting for something, apparently, "until the thunder breaks out, peasant will not cross" :)