Die to be born. Psychoanalysis perinatal injury

Die to be born. Psychoanalysis perinatal injury

What is trauma?

The turning point in a person's life, which may occur at any time of life. Including in utero.

Psychological Encyclopedia:

psychic trauma (trauma, psihotravma) - in analogy with physical trauma - a state of mental disorders integrity, whereby psyche unable to function healthy normal manner. Traumatic reaction occurs in a situation of excessive stress on the body. It can be a threat to life and / or health, or the situation is perceived by the human psyche as such at the time of an event.

At the time of response to trauma in the ancient structures of the brain (the limbic system) fails, and the state of traumatic experiences is fixed as a constant "here and now". From this point people some part of yourself like always remains 'silent' in the same situation, is not being able to respond, to complete it.

Any threat to the life of the child during the mother's pregnancy, especially coming from the mother herself -

  • when she has prior experience of pregnancy abortion, which willy-nilly, is reproduced in the psyche of women after the onset of a new pregnancy,
  • when she decides to have a child or not,
  • range when the child's father throws a pregnant woman and she is experiencing loneliness and rejection

- becomes a baby perinatal injury, defining his whole life.

Thus, if a normal man must be born after 9 months of blissful sleep and the bliss of happy expectation, not knowing that in the world there is a death - the death of perinatal injury contributes to a person's psyche before birth. And the experience of death, before the birth, the mind makes progress on other laws other than the laws of development of the mind, nurtured in safe pregnancy.

The experience of death in the psyche becomes a necessary condition for the existence, the prelude to the birth. And a person turns to the experience of threat to life in the time of passage of any crisis, or the development of situation - which reprezentuet psyche as a new birth.

"To be born - I have to die first!" - she knows the baby, which nearly destroyed in the womb. This opportunity is given by the person dependence, severe physical illness, stay in emergency situations.

Plunging into alcohol or drugs while under general anesthesia during surgery, in a state of mortal danger - you play your prenatal experience. And expect the new birth, where you can only find death ... All this is happening against the background of essential depression, which is described as a state of total libidinal disinvestment as an object, and narcissistic. Simply put, is a condition in which you have nothing to love - both himself and others. This is the energy of love, which is saturated inside the mother's child, who await with joy and tenderness, which are happy and proud of that. You were born without this resource, and you just have to try to work out his own, striking sparks on Flint different "roller coaster."

The therapeutic task in working with perinatal trauma can be considered a re-creation and restoration of libido development through the psyche of libidinal invested situations, starting from the moment of conception is certainly filled with passion and joy of life of your parents.