How to forget the person you love, but he does not reciprocate

Now fewer people who shout at each corner of his unrequited love, to feel pride for his high sense of undivided.

On the contrary, much more those who understand - to build a relationship, you need to let go of the old.

Sometimes it seems that it is simply impossible to forget his former, and human despair rolls. Especially, it catches up with those who are not sitting idly by, and as time has tried everything he knew, and nothing it did not help.

If you have just such a situation, then you just do not know the main secret of forgetting and letting go of a loved one, and that is about it and will be discussed in this article.

Love can be different.

One of the criteria of true love - it is unconditional.

How do you like a man, which you want to and you can not forget?

What feelings do you creates your love?

If this feeling with a minus sign, such as suffering from feelings of inferiority, of feeling useless, anguish, depression, grief, it is all signs that you really do not like him. Currently, the feeling of love brings joy, ease of life, love inspires in every sense of the word. Yes, just like that, a little unexpected, but it is like this:

  • , or you are well on what you like, and then it's true love,
  • or this feeling with a touch of negative feelings, then it is more dependent on the other person.

What do you lose when you're not with this man?

Your dependence arises not from the man himself, but from what you associate their needs and desires with it. That is why it is important to honestly understand what you mean by this love for him. What is your love-vested?

What do you want to get over your love?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself. And the answers are needed for you to find ways to meet their needs through another man, and even better - all passing men, relying only on herself.

The love relationship is different from the love that people love to yourself.

A man, a woman, when tormented by the fact that someone does not go out of my mind, quite simply bogged down in what began to perceive someone as the only facility to meet their needs. It is always a lie.

It is a myth that for every woman, there is only a single man, and only together they can be happy in your personal life. In fact, there are many people with whom you can have a happy life emerge.

Once again I draw your attention to:

it is important to understand that your feelings for a man who can not forget the suffering - it is not love.

If you really loved him, you would just have to be happy from the fact that our great planet has your loved one, and he is happy in this world, even if not with you.

And as your love makes you unhappy, then this person is necessary to you to solve their own problems. He speaks to you only as a means, not an end in itself. You only want to use a person for their needs. All-purpose flour such love arise from the realization that you can not sell what you want, through one particular person.

In light of the above, it becomes clear the futility of trying to forget a man, does not reciprocate. And all because it is not possible here so go and throw out the aspirations of his soul. The only possibility to stop suffering - it meet their needs. In other words, people want to forget that he has a desire, and stop trying to sell them. Think of examples in your life how you want to try to stop what you need really.

What does it lead? For depression and suffering.

When unrequited love a person tries to realize their desires only a single person and absolutely not ready to consider other options. Result - abysmal.

What can we do to result ceased to be disastrous?

And for this, and you just have to allow yourself to feel their wishes and find a way to satisfy them not through the man.

Understand their desires can and should be, as well as to realize their desires correctly, that is, so that it does not depend on a man.

Understand - You have the right to feel the things that you feel,

, and choose the things that you want.

And at the same time it is important to stop taking your loved one, do not respond to you in return, as the only way to get what you need.