Magic cards Psychologist

Magic cards Psychologist

Some time ago there was a very popular song:

Daily fashion changes, but as long as there is a white light, a gypsy with a magic deck, at least one client so there!

Today, these words can be attributed to one of the professional tools of modern practicing psychologist - metaphorical or associative cards (IAC).

There just are no miracles hear from customers about working with these cards

  • "I had an insider / awareness"
  • "these magical cards as if they knew about my case!"
  • "You must be specially made so that it dropped the card!".

Psychologists too thrilled with this tool, to assemble the entire collection. I, for example, to date, about 20 sets of these "magical" pictures - for different occasions. There are sets to work with trauma, helps customers understand their condition, help in choosing a solution in search of resources / help / support ... There are cards for adults, a children's sets.

What is the secret of this magic? Then, of course, I am afraid to break a story. After all, many of us want and need a miracle mythological, magical explanations. These people, I beg you not to read any further. Continuation for those who want to create a fairy tale!

So, there is a legend that the card was invented in Germany 20-30 years ago and from there spread throughout the world. However, if not centuries-old experience of human interaction with the paintings, painting, all the world of creativity, of course, would not have arisen and this wonderful tool.

When we draw yourself or admire the artworks - we like to open the door to the world of our inner states, emotions, memories. Sharpen our feelings, emotional states, and we are much easier to find solutions to the many issues that are sometimes looking for a very long time. Of course, the MAC efficiency higher than other images, because they are taking into account peculiarities of psychological work with images. And besides, they are selected in the deck in order to solve certain problems. It is amazing to see how the same card, according to different people, has a variety of information to the person who chose it. It is this our psyche property - endow objects those meanings that are relevant for us to, is due to the effectiveness of this tool.

Interaction with visual images effectively for a large number of people, as visual channel of perception is the most active 80% of people. This also opens the subconscious influence of sounds, their own movements in a dance or gymnastic exercises effective for a smaller number of people. Therefore, work with images more generic than the work with music or movement.

So, when we look at the picture of the IAC deck turns on our inner psychologist, that part of the self, which is ready to issue a decision. And we see this decision. We think that this happens because of the picture. However, picture - just a bridge to her, who knows all the answers ...

In addition, the when working with a picture we do not include the internal resistance of, which turns out to communicate with anyone. Think of your inner desire not to agree with the most obvious things that tell us, for example, the parents. With this resistance often encountered psychologists, because many customers do not want to see myself from the outside, can not switch to a different perception of the events, other than that to which are accustomed to. As they say, we - slaves to their habits. A MAK help this dependency habits to overcome.

I like this exercise that allows you to tune into the new day. Ask your subconscious mind the question "What's in store for me today?" And pulls out a card from the deck to the emotional states or a set of "way-road", or maybe "fabulous trunk wizard" and configured to work with the fact that you fell . Surprisingly it happens again in the evening to look at the map, to recall the events of the day and confirm your submission - all it was ... It is interesting to work with the cards the children respond. They are included in the compilation of tales and fantasize. And most importantly, they do respond to their questions. With children, you can work on a variety of topics. It is particularly interesting to work in a group, where the boys are charged each other with their enthusiasm and help to find a possible solution.

Why work with MAC psychologist?

Of course, you can work for yourself. Only need to remember - the mind is good, but two is better. Especially if the other mind - knowing expert, capable and without cards a lot ... This assistant many times increase the effectiveness of the session, ask the right questions, to help expand the understanding of the world map, will prompt a more rational way to solve the situation.

In addition, the psychologist working with IAC, may have in their arsenal a lot of specialized decks for working with specific requests. The specialist has techniques and methods of work, allows you to turn a simple numerology in the magic!

The human psyche - a very difficult and sometimes requires adjustment mechanism. Comes analogy with musical instruments. The piano tuning and even a guitar does not take anyone, even the strongest Music and - you need a specialist with the tools, the natural data for the job, owning technology settings ...

What can we say about the human soul - that is translated from the Greek word psycho (ψυχ®). Be careful, do not trust your soul to charlatans and random people. Use the services of professionals. And then your life does not turn into a terrible story about a man who entrusted his gold robbers ... The world provides plenty of opportunities for people to solve their problems. Do not sit for years in bad conditions - resentment, anger, envy. Work with them, with their habits, their beliefs can be using different tools.

It is important to understand that the happiness of liberation from the suffering of their worth your effort, and the psychology of magic cards in the hands of a knowledgeable professional help facilitate and accelerate the transformation of suffering from a caterpillar into a butterfly free capable float and swim in the love and joy!