Are you a psychologist? Ale ..? .. I need help ...

Are you a psychologist? Ale ..? .. I need help ...

These messages I get from time to time through social networks.

In this article I will write about how to choose "their" psychologist.

First you need to understand what the problem (issue) you want to solve, and then have to choose the right professional qualifications.

Psychologist - does not mean that he is "universal soldier". Yes, there are psychologists who position themselves as professionals working in all sectors of such a vast science, but let me then to question the quality of these services. Here is an analogy with the medical profession - there are gynecologists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, osteopaths, dentists, and each operating in its own sphere. It is concurrently, meaning it and the surgeon and urologist, but all solyanka specializations together - this is nonsense.

It is the same with psychologists.

There are those who work only with children - or those who are working only with adults.

Next come the branches.

  • There are those who only work with physically healthy people or people with physical or other illnesses (people with disabilities, mental retardation, elderly people).
  • Each psychologist uses their approaches and applies its technology in the work: art therapy, psychodrama, psychoanalysis, metaphoric association card, tale, placement - the list is endless.

When a toothache in humans, it does not go to the proctologist (also, incidentally, a doctor) and do not write him about the problem at night. Such a situation can be called absurd, but in fact quite often, people believe that a psychologist - is a kind of magician, who somehow is here and now to make you happy. It does not matter what time of day, what qualifications and all his willingness to advise you now.

Why such a naive and childish behavior by Eric Berne ?! If you are willing to work on themselves to changes in their life, spontaneous and ill-considered steps will not bring the proper result.

Before you choose "their" psychologist,, review the qualifications and the list of problems (tasks), with whom he works, read reviews, consider whether you can trust this expert.

Further, each of the psychologist of their work schedule and time for psychological counseling. As a rule, demanded psychologist consultation time is scheduled for the week ahead, and may be only partially "free box" for urgent consultations.

If you need immediate psychological counseling (a matter of life and death), then there are telephones crisis centers, where you can call and talk about the problem:

  • for persons with suicidal intentions have specialized services for emergency psychological assistance, for example, that this;
  • to teenagers under 18 years old without parental consent recommend 8-800-2000-122 apply here - this all-Russian free helpline for children and adolescents.

I ask colleagues to share, if you own coordinates psychological crisis centers of other countries.

Write at random, require urgent consultation (especially in the late evening or at night) just because a psychologist on-line and you have decided that you MUST / MUST consult the here and now - not worth it. The probability that you will answer - zero.