What is intuitive nutrition and why it often does not work?

What is intuitive nutrition and why it often does not work?

I often write that for to efficiently and controllably thin, is necessary to understand how many calories we consume, and how much - spend.

Obviously, to understand this, we need calculations. However, one theory (the theory of intuitive power or SP) tells us that the count does not need anything, but you need to listen to yourself when choosing products and their amounts: "eat like feel, and weigh as you want".

Sounds tempting, is not it?

But it works if this approach?

Recently it has been carried out extensive research on the subject.

SP as an attempt to deceive the physiology of

A group of scientists was conducted a serious study that lasted 52 weeks. Under the supervision were 153 participants. During the work it became clear that if a person loses one kilo - it is proportional to the homeostatic regulation of upward calorie intake by about 100 per day. In simple words, if you lose a kilo, then you begin to eat 100 calories a day more. This is such a mechanism for the effective brain replace losses.

One would think: what a trifle, just 100 kcal! However, it exceeds the needs of body slimming. And we remember that when people lose weight, the body adapts, and requires less energy has to maintain the new weight. The greater the weight loss, the more the brain stimulates you to eat more food, to return everything to normal ... If you are using an intuitive power to achieve results ... well. Be prepared for such a trap. Next - interesting. If you endure for some time and can not lead to brain impulses (but it seems something - stomach) meal, when the brain gets used? When will cease to provoke us to the restoration of the lost?

Unfortunately, as it turned out in the same study, these desires are not blunted by themselves over time. We lose weight, often - a lot, but the brain continues to give the command to eat more than you need. This will occur as long as the level of leptin is not restored to normal for that individual indicators.

We consider calories or listen to yourself?

When choosing a method of weight loss, and to achieve good long-term results of the intuitive power - not the best option. Body independently adjusts the sensation of hunger, based on a specific estimate of income and expenditure of calories in the last few days. Given the fact that this process is automated, for performing certain functions of the body, the idea that it is possible to effectively subdue themselves - unfortunately, like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčovercontrol. So we can control their urge to go to the toilet, but sooner or later we will still fulfill the requirements of the body ...

If we only focus on hunger, we get only a short-time effect. Perhaps it will help in the beginning, when people will be better to get acquainted with them, their preferences, be excluded automatism, to study your diet. But sooner or later, everything rested into the limitations of the method, and then again have to look for "magic" for further weight loss. I think it is very important to combine the awareness in the approach to nutrition and adequate knowledge about the functioning of our body. Every weight loss method has its limitations, there is no universal answer to the question "How to lose weight?"

Intuitive Eating - it's not a diet, not a means to clean up the body.

This is a great way to establish a relationship with yourself, to come to inner peace, a normal relationship with food. Sometimes - I repeat - sometimes it leads to the fact that the person finds other forms. And sometimes you just need other methods to achieve the goal.