S from me only want money: about the nature of women's commercialism

S from me only want money: about the nature of women's commercialism

Single men, especially if they are late twenties, often talk about women's commercialism - and not in the way you know, positive manner.

Nobody argues, the world today is largely tied to the money. That only is a constant discussion in the community a variety of financial crises. Could be a woman off of it?

But in this case it is not in the fact that it needs to survive. Modern women are often quite able to provide for themselves and close their own needs in the material. But now for some reason and they do not really want to be bound by relations with the representatives of the male polviny mankind, which, as I put it mildly ... too frugal.

My dear man, I love you, how, in fact, women. And because I want to convey a truth, if you about it have not heard that all men are to a certain extent avid (read - concerned about their economic benefits). Otherwise, do not survive. But for men, the excess greed can close the path to harmonious relations.

Man, generous to give material, reliable and ensures security of the state (including material), rarely has problems in sexual life. And he gets sex in most cases do not for the money (although some people think otherwise). Just women perceive it as a person courageous. Such a person for female representatives, as it were invisible signals: "With me you will reliably". The presence of money at the man - a sign of good realizovanna. If a woman, for example, a mother or a housewife and do not earn - it is, in the opinion of many, it is normal. She does not lose from this femininity. But a man who is not earning and sitting at home ... if he remains in the sphere of manifestation of masculinity?

Dear men, yes, all women are materialistic.

They all want to be with those with whom you will be safe.

What's so strange about that? It's natural, right?

Even the most intelligent and able to make a woman sometimes wants to be a little girl, relax. And she wants to be proud of her man. If it is implemented in the Men, of course, have something to be proud of. The ability to be generous in money and gifts, good developments in the material - is the salient features of the implementation of masculinity.

Receiving the gift, even a small, sometimes a woman realizes that she needed this man, it is important to him, she begins to see him as really a man. Even a tiny amount thrown at the expense of a phone number, cute card or a flower can sometimes raise it in her eyes. If he commits acts of men, he always looks like a man in her eyes, regardless of the growth, size and weight.

Let's look at the situation from the other side.

Probably, many are familiar with the concept of "love languages". For many ladies the language of love - gifts. If the little girl's parents give love primarily through gifts, she was accustomed to the fact that they are an expression of love. Not receiving attention from men, expressed in material terms, it feels uninteresting for him, and for long-term relationships and unloved. Most women - being responsive. When she felt his care and attention, she sometimes warmer at heart. But not this what you want, dear man? After all, the heart - this is one of the centers through which gives a woman. It gives love, the expression of which can be and care and tenderness, and, anyway, warmth.

Probably every man knows what a special sex with his beloved MUTUALLY woman. Women are much easier to be filled and to bestow the sexual energy of a man, if he is generous. She, of course, can be filled with itself, but if it is forced to do so exclusively on their own and give the man who gives nothing in return, she comes exhaustion. A lot of women come to me for advice. Their words can sum up in one sentence: "I have nothing more for him."

Greed, by the way - it's not always about the money. The man in the power of greed, often not generous also in the manifestation of attention, kind words, support the action. He did not feel inclined to do great deeds. I repeat, we are all to some extent greedy. But to be in her power or control it - the choice of everyone.

It is unlikely that a woman of sound mind and memory to say that he wants relations with the greedy cold person, not knowing how to do things. A huge number of modern men, unfortunately, raised by his mother, who spoiled them thoughtlessly. Unfortunately the modern woman brought up so that they have a habit of spoiling men. But that they do not cease to be a woman with an expression needs to be near a decent reliable active man, generous in every way.

Dear men! If a woman pleasing your concern, expressed in money or gifts, it is not necessarily a hint of what she is looking for a sponsor or she needs from you only money, but a measure of what she sees and appreciates in you man. It is a sign saying that she - a woman.