Credibility - the foundation of a happy life!

Credibility - the foundation of a happy life!

Confidence in yourself - the first thing to condition of great beginnings. / S. Johnson

"Trust Me" -

This phrase has become popular, it can be heard not only on the psychological training, consulting, but also in the conversation of two girlfriends.

What is behind the phrase "trust yourself?"

How do I know to trust yourself a man or not?

And if you do not trust, can we learn it? If you can learn, how?

Questions are being raised more questions than answers, and in psychology this is quite normal.

Let us begin to explore this phenomenon as "credibility".

Source credibility, as, indeed, and all of our lives, is a child - where we got our first experience of trust. Basic trust lays the mother, it was her attitude and behavior towards the child determine his future ability to trust yourself and to others.

  • If Mom loves the baby and take care of him, the child realizes that he's all right. A man with whom everything Okay, you can trust.
  • If, on the contrary, Mother distancing, few takes in his arms and caressed, and even forest shouts at the child, then the child finds (of course, unconsciously) what happened to him that something was wrong, since even the most near and dear man does not receive and scolds. It becomes apparent that trust the person with whom not all Okay, that is, itself, not worth it.

As you get older, the lessons of trust or distrust on the part of significant adults continue. The child loses the ability to trust yourself when parents reject or negates his children's feelings. For example, when a child frightened by a little animal parents react replica "Yes that is afraid, it's not scary." And these "crosses out" a number of situations - "just something Scratchy from it and it does not hurt, then you cry," "no one hesitates, one you are on the sidelines," "Do not be afraid, do not cry." The child also concludes that it feels wrong.

Would he trust himself and his condition when he grows up? Unlikely…

Each of us comes from a childhood with full, partial trust to themselves or disbelief. How do I know how to understand - I trust myself or not?

Watch yourself and analyze existing experience.

Help in the signs of mistrust currently.

5 signs of distrust me:

  1. You rarely ask yourself questions, "What do I truly want?", "Is it My wish?", You no longer targeting the word "necessary". It is, of course, a useful word, but if there is a conflict with your "want" automatically kills trust in the (second) itself.
  2. For you too it is important to view the surrounding people, even those who are not part of the inner circle area.
  3. You always cast doubt on his feelings - "And that's fine, I'm scared?", "And so all angry?".
  4. it is difficult to make decisions, you often and long in doubt.
  5. You are feeling the internal resistance of anything or anyone, it is often agree not to offend and not to spoil relations with others. Relationship with yourself for you in the background.

Opposing these signs characteristics will talk about credibility.

And if it is - wonderful! To preserve and develop it!

If lost, is restored!

The main recommendations to restore confidence in me:

  • Forgive your parents for being somewhere nedolyubili you nedodali not understand. Take them with a sense of gratitude for this life to you. And all that have received less, will be able to make up for yourself.
  • are held daily practice of attentive towards themselves. To do this, you can ask yourself 3 questions:

    - What do I feel now?

    - How do I feel myself?

    - What I want right now? And why?

  • Say "no" to people, offers, events, if you feel an inner resistance or reluctance.
  • Allow yourself to experience all the senses, not dividing them into positive and negative. Express your feelings without prejudice to themselves and others. Do not lay up anything in itself!
  • Learn to slow down before you act. Use this delay to listen to yourself and understand yourself better, and then take the right decisions and take some action.
  • Believe that trust in yourself, even if it is not fast, but recovers!

to learn to trust yourself, man is able to reasonably rely on others and the world in general!