Where to get the girl of his rich sexual experience, when a man is jealous of her love affairs to last

In ancient times, affluent ladies usually brings a lot of inconvenience to the absence of their own sexual experiences.

Now, everything is exactly the opposite, and those of the fair half of mankind who feels at least somewhat financially independent, have the experience of luggage in such intimate terms that they really have something to hide from the impressionable souls of men.

For anybody is not a secret that the man she loved would be better to know about your love affairs as little as possible, so that all your past men did not materialize (thanks to his involuntary imagination) between you in the intimate moments.

However, such a rail pressure necessary to keep his mouth shut does not help women to cope with their own feelings on the matter.

So where to get the modern woman on the experience of his active life in intimate terms, given the fact that the closest person - your favorite man - soul-searching on these issues pop psychology sharing is not recommended?

Immediately I will turn your attention to that when a man is jealous of your past, the problem is not you, and in it. Your responsibility as a part only in the fact that you unconsciously take a cargo of personal grievances and failures of his men over.

Jealousy - it is always a psychological (less mental) problem of anyone is jealous, but not of one are jealous. That's why should be glad that you have a lot of experience of sexual relations, because it protects you from unreliable men.

In a way, when you talk to the man that, to put it mildly, did not live a virgin before I met him, that you check it for "cockroaches" in the head, or personal problems. The more jealous and exhibits negative emotions about your last man - the more well-fed and arrogant in his "cockroaches". And how cool that you have learned of their presence now, not when would have raised a child in common with him. To be more convincing read my similar article, addressed to men, "How to get rid of jealousy with the knowledge of the rich sexual experience favorite."

What can a girl do if a man is jealous of her past?

Very effectively speak to a man in the language of facts, and it is possible to dig information on that matter, for a man who clings. In particular, it is possible to bring the statistics clearly show that have more than three sexual partners for 30 years - this is the norm in our society, not only for men but also for women.

According realove.ru:

62% of men older than 30 years, the number of sexual partners more than three, and women nearly the same percentage - 58%.

It turns out that rich sexual experience among modern women - a statistical norm.

The man has a benefit from the fact that jealous of you. After all, once you read this article, it means that some small fraction of the belief that you are guilty before him, creeps into your soul. Well, getting into the hands of a woman suffering from a sense of guilt, a man can manipulate it as he wants.

But wait, what about the time that he sort of likes you?

That's the fact of the matter, and loves you? After all, it is all a consequence of disrespect for women. The fact of the matter is that while there is no question of love, because if a man loves a woman, he respects her.

And why do you feel guilty?

After all, when you were a rich love life, you still might not know what will be paired with the man in the future. It's one thing if you have changed it already being a couple - and quite another to your case. If you had a time machine and could have looked into the future to know that your life is well built thanks to one particular man, would you, could, and waited for him, but - you did not know.

You do not know when you will come to the true love.

You did not know to whom you feel it.

You would not know anything that would compel you to be faithful in virtue of the fact that if you were simply no more to keep it. There is no blame for the past and can not be.

So, be aware that the problem of jealousy to the fact that before him you had an active sex life - is a consequence not of your past, and certainly not your fault that a man so it is going through, and this is a consequence of internal conflicts jealous man.

I guess he kind of you, and have chosen because you represent a suitable testing ground for military action "cockroaches" of your chosen one.

Vinh yourself, you do not win,

on the other hand, you only worsens his jealousy.

Stop blame themselves for past,

and you deprive a man of the soil to make sure the man in the right.