My soulmate terminally ill - what can I do?

My soulmate terminally ill - what can I do?

Every important person in our lives emotionally complements and fills life with meaning.

For each has its place in our heart, and roles in a relationship for a long time divided.

All the comfortable and stable. Relations puzzles developed: we quarrel, reconciled, rejoice, grieve, build future plans.

What are the psychological difficulties we have to meet, when our loved one is terminally ill?

In the first place:

us life gave the opportunity to fight with the disease, the opportunity to lash out, breathe in, along with the family man.

But how to behave, what to say, if so scary imagination paints horrible pictures, and doctors say the disappointing forecasts?

In this situation, you feel helpless, and that's fine. The first thing you need - is believe, your medical history is unique, and no one knows when death will come. Believe and pray.

Now home to your man's heart is alive, and you can be with him, to touch his hand, to talk, to be near. Just to be close - it's so important. It was as if time had stopped.

We need to live for today and a clear understanding that today's native people you live and what is waiting for you tomorrow - you do not know, and that no one knows. This is the first and most important rule. He is with you and he's alive. And do not listen to those who will tell you about humility, acceptance of death, all of this will come, but later. Now, today, the main thing to know and to be in touch with your dear person. Second:

When we mentally burying a man, we can not communicate, it is for us to have him as though dead. We do not know what to talk about whether you need to say goodbye, someone standing in my throat, my heart is torn apart.

And what will happen to us? And what about me? In my head a lot of questions, fears disagreement, self-pity, and more.

How can I prepare for what has not happened yet?


This false desire to prepare itself in advance. Our fears prevent us from seeing a living person and just be with him, and he needs it. I understand that it is very difficult. But it would be better to try to do it. The only thing worth doing - possibly let go of your fears.

After all, what fear - very often it is a selfish feeling. Breaks down, our picture of the world, our habitual way of life, and we are not ready for this. And we are really scared, but scared for yourself, because we have something left, and whether we can handle, and what will happen to us?

And we are trying to prepare myself. But what we are preparing ourselves? We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but cheat themselves and prepare. We continue to live in their own world, where we supervise our illusions and fears. And we are missing an important point - a loved one who is still alive. He's with us. Fears may be different, but the reality will be different.

In the third:

if you will be able to let go of their selfish fears, then look into your heart, turn around from side to side - and you will see the resource. In the heart of faith and love lives, and if there is resentment and anger, it is important to work with this, that there was no sense of guilt. And only in the heart opens and love comes faith.

I let go of my thoughts, and I start to hear your heart.

I took a deep breathe and let in your heart God.

I am learning to accept support from other people.

I am learning to hear his soul.

That tells me my soul? After all, it is wise and she still knows everything. Our soul knows everything, and it is important to be able to accept what can not change.

I love the man and accept his actions, his choices and decisions. Everything he did or did not do - it's his choice, and I am ready to just support without criticism, moralizing. I c you. You are not alone. I am also scared, but we are together. It is important to support not only the person who is ill, but close to support each other.

In this difficult situation, it is very important to support each other. Try to be in the circle of close friends with whom you can walk, get some fresh air, to talk on abstract themes. The support of the very important and important to you to be able to accept it.

Please take support and remember that you are not alone, around you a whole world that wants to help you.

And there is no shame to be vulnerable.

After all the care and attention can work wonders.