Mother's love

The love of my mother is not intended conditions.

The close relationship between mother and child is formed in the womb.

The first house is a kid my mom at heart. It is warm and cozy ...

Conditions for fetal development in virtually all babies are the same.

With the exception of situations in which women are unhealthy and immoral lifestyle.

But with the birth of each child begins his own life story. It is influenced by different factors:

  • the social level of the family;
  • the atmosphere in the house;
  • model of relations of parents;
  • the love he gets from mom and dad.

about the feelings of the children, about their expectations and sorrows will be discussed in this article.

Analyzing the life situations of people, from early childhood, it may be noted that the deficit of heat and displays of affection from parents felt at many. It is their story may begin with the words: "I have a complicated relationship with her mother ...".

The question arises:

for some reason, my mother, who gave birth to a child, I could not warm his soul with his love?

Answers to such questions are already in the other life stories.

At the reception there came a woman thirty years.

For the first time in her life, she said aloud, that does not experience maternal feelings for her child. His appearance was due to the fact that it insisted on her husband. Woman "lost." Everything that happened in the future, she calls the most unpleasant life span: pregnancy, childbirth, child care. The first year after the birth of her son was a particularly heavy. The woman was hoping she will begin to feel a sense of when it sees. But that did not happen.

Accumulated irritation, and with him felt tired. According to her, these factors further aggravate the condition. Husband helped, but at a minimum volume, since a lot of work, trying to provide for his young family.

Gradually she "resigned" and brought to the automatism of all activities related to the care of the child.

Then - in her life comes a huge mountain. The death of a spouse ... At that time, the child was three years old. Pain and withdrawal lasted about a year.

But this woman was very helpful that it was aware of its responsibility for the decision to give birth, read books and tried to be a good kid and balanced. In this example, a boy living in good conditions. Perhaps, once he realizes that was a little heat from my mother, but he will appreciate her kindness and care.

And how to be unstable women who give birth to children in order to marry his young man?

The answer is simple:

do not take the responsibility becomes a mother, being not ready for this.

Newsfeeds are full of information about how mothers abuse their children. Many familiar shocking video in which a woman writes to the phone camera as she beat her daughter. It was a conscious, and her main motive - to prove something to her ex-husband! Children grow up, and by the age of the teenager in the absence of feelings emanating from the mother, are beginning to realize that they are not loved it.

Of course, the child needs the love of both parents. But, as has been written above, the relationship with the baby's mother has its roots in an earlier period than the Pope. For this reason, a mother's love, nothing can replace.

Thus, a mother's love - is this:

  • kind and warm look;
  • gentle hugs and kind words;
  • the child's confidence in the fact that my mother always support him;
  • the awareness of children that they are loved simply for what they are;
  • attention and care;
  • participate in all spheres of life;
  • common with children and business interests;
  • regular time together;
  • in cases where the child has a failure, it does not say, "It's because of you!" And "I am with you!".

Feelings can not command, but commensurate intentions and the possibility of own resources available.

Time goes fast. Children grow up and become parents. Many of those people who have not received a child a mother's love, realizing their pain, have for their children and a great sense of fashion to all kinds seek to create for them the most vivid colors of life. But in the relationship with the mother of new problems. Consult young woman asked. She is happily married and has two children. About a child she could not recall without tears. Her mother was divorced. In their house they were always men and going to noisy drunken company. For the slightest offense girl brutally beat my mother.

Currently, her mother, while her grandmother, comes in bewildered by the fact that her daughter paid her little attention, sometimes rude.

When they talk on the subject, an elderly woman denies and resents the fact that the daughter of her unfair.

Actions of adults are sometimes very unweighted. Being young, they are not aware of how in old age can be explained by the behavior in which morality is absent. They thought that life must go bright. And their children did not receive the most important thing at this time - love. No other means it does not make up for.

The man endowed with enormous wealth: it is given to love!

The main thing is not to neglect it.