Live without fear - it is dangerous

Live without fear - it is dangerous

The concept - emotion (emotio) consists of two parts (excuse an e - "outside, outside", motio - "the motion"), ie "outward movement".

In this interpretation, it expressed the essence of dealing with emotions, and if we do not know how to express them, or prohibiting themselves to express emotions, they remain within us and have a destructive effect.

The expression of emotions leads to physical state for example, we hesitate - and blushing cheeks. These states do not require correction, they support our body in terms of emotions and pass quickly enough.

Repressed emotions in the long run lead to psychosomatic disorders .

Let's look at this emotion, like fear.

When somebody comes to me and says that he wants to get rid of the fear (meaning by asking panic attacks), I understand as an expert, a person committed does not understand that, as requested.

Never any competent expert does not agree to save people from fear at all, and now I'll tell you, what is the essence.

Fear produce in our body hormone such as adrenaline. Which is responsible for anxiety, allergy reaction, the breakdown of fats, increasing brain blood circulation, vigil, anti-inflammatory action, the power of the heart muscle.

Imagine that we have decided to "be afraid of - it's bad, let's fight with fear."

Adrenaline will not be produced, the heart will stop eating, stop break up fats will not be a normal blood circulation in the brain and so on. Not so hard to imagine what it might bring. So what about the person with panic attacks?

The main mystery is in the beginning of this article. We know that emotions - are "outward movement", that is, they require severity. So, panic attacks occur when emotions are not expressed when the fear of long suppressed within man - panic attacks become a tool of fear expression.

The problem is that people can not ignore, as it blocks your own, if it happens for a long time (since childhood), and, as a rule, he begins to pay attention to this with its striking expression already in the form of a panic attack.

Take for example, an experiment with the frog, which was carried out by scientists in the XIX century. If a frog dipped in boiling water, it will quickly jump out of it, and felt the danger. If you put a frog in cold water and gradually heat up it, then she does not notice when it's too late to jump out and cooked.

Fear - is an emotion that requires severity.

If we do not express fear, to suppress it in themselves or do not notice, then sooner or later we will see that they are in a trap from which to escape on their own is difficult, the body learns to independently express a fear of panic attacks.

Main number of clients in my practice - it is the people who suffer from panic attacks for years. We start the work (first meeting) with a list of those situations in which the fear began to be blocked. As a rule - it's childhood memories:

  • Dad left, I was scared, my mother was going through, I do not know how to show itself, I tried to support my mother;
  • when I was beaten, I was forbidden to defend themselves;
  • I was locked in the closet when I interfered, and I pretended that I do not care;
  • peers did not take me, and I did not know how to live in it, I did not show them fear.

But it also happens that a person can not remember. This shows how deeply suppressed fear, and those memories we raise in the course of psychotherapeutic work.

So, we do not run from fear, we do not get rid of him in dealing with panic attacks. We learn to express it in such a way to remain in a state of normal anxiety.

In order to assist give an example of one of the practical exercises, which makes my client during the psychotherapeutic work.

The task is as follows:

you need every day at the same time (this is an extremely important condition) 15 minutes writing about their fears all that you think about them as much as possible in raising all the anxiety.

It may happen that this exercise yourself to come hard, it is difficult to force myself every day intentionally fear greatly. As part of the therapy has the support of a psychologist, which makes it possible nevertheless to move forward, learn to express their fears.