What is the difference psychologically mature woman from codependency?

Originally, the word "codependency"

associated with women whose husbands were abused alcohol.

However, the phenomenon is due not so much with bad habits, but with the psychological maturity of the person.

It has recently become open that codependency - this is a very frequent and almost universal phenomenon.

Of course, a man and a woman in a pair depend on each other, but the relationship may be excessive. In relationships people share care but there are aspects of yourself that you need to give, and there are - that can not be given. An understanding of these differences it is necessary that partners can realize that between them there is and how much it helps to strengthen their relationship in the present and in the future.

sharpen the difference between the position of women in a healthy and co-dependent relationship and the subject of this article.

Psychologically mature woman gives the man responsible for his life, because he knows that a man of this will be stronger.

Codependent woman gives responsibility for your life, because she can not take it herself, and she needs someone to whom she can rely on.

Psychologically mature woman has a sense of self-esteem and feels worth.

Codependent woman is not sure of its value and dignity and need to constantly reaffirm their man for her with his love.

Psychologically mature woman knows how to protect themselves from the misery of life on their own. She knows how to solve problems, seek help, contact with different people.

Codependent woman needs a man so that he defended her, because he did not feel able to do it yourself.

Psychologically mature woman feels comfortable in solitude and can live quite harmoniously one, without losing the feeling of fullness and meaning of his life. Codependent women can not be alone and not feel the meaning of life, if it is not in a relationship.

Psychologically mature woman is able to maintain itself and to console themselves.

Codependent woman needs a man, that he supported and comforted her in a difficult situation.

When a man takes disrespectful behavior, ignoring her or behaves unworthily, psychologically mature woman distancing himself from the man. It is becoming less available and directs his attention to other men or interesting for her classes.

Codependent woman believes that love should be unconditional, and remains there, while continuing to give the man his heat, time and attention, hoping that her kindness will be appreciated and will change a man.

Psychologically mature woman knows that she is interested in, has a hobby, friends, and seeks to develop.

Codependent woman gives her life to the man and does not retain any interest, other than family relationships.

Psychologically mature woman, while remaining part of the family, has its own private space, which is inviolable.

Codependent woman has shared with her husband an electronic box, a computer, a password for the page in the social network, social circle, ways to relax ... Gradually, it becomes difficult to distinguish the difference in opinions, tastes, thoughts, desires, to know who should belong to time, the right to choose.

Psychologically mature woman can feel good about what she wants, she goes and what she likes.

Codependent women have difficulty in choosing things and need advice man, mother, girlfriend or someone else, before making a decision.

Psychologically mature woman is able to enjoy simple things, as well as to enjoy the arts and aesthetic beauty.

Codependent women can enjoy life and realize that "happiness is" only when it is close to loving her man. Psychologically mature woman always finds time to take care of yourself, your health and beauty.

Codependent women permanently unable to find time for themselves because of work, home, children, and other cases.

Psychologically mature woman knows how much and what kind of attention you need it from a man who knows about this contract with him, and comfortable with the fact that men have their own friends and interests.

Codependent woman wants all the attention and all the time the man for himself and demands that he refused to friends and dangerous hobbies.

Psychologically mature woman can safely say to the man that feels disagreed with his behavior or discomfort in the relationship.

Codependent woman tries not to spoil relations conflicts and not pay attention to their internal signals.

Psychologically mature woman never nags man. It either keeps it endeavors, or simply disappears from his life.

Codependent woman arranges hysterics and chastises a man for what he is not like you need it, emphasizing the sense of guilt, while not changing their behavior towards him.

Psychologically mature woman to express their needs and desires, giving the man freedom to perform them or not do. She knows where the hell that is unacceptable for it, and is able to appreciate the most important thing - the depth and warmth in the relationship.

Codependent woman makes demands and complaints, whines and complains, and considers man as a malfunctioning tool to translate their desires.

Psychologically mature woman never takes offense at the man. She openly express their wishes and disagreement, but willingly gives man the right to make decisions, knowing that this will strengthen their family only. Codependent women accumulating resentment of unfulfilled dreams, and eventually closes his heart for men.

Psychologically mature woman is able to understand men know what they want and do not expect that they will be the same as women.

Codependent woman is trying to give a man the right thing to itself - a constant presence, emotion, tenderness, community - and upset when he quickly tired of it.

Psychologically mature woman is able to admire the man and respect him for the good things in it have, allowing him to be somewhat imperfect.

Codependent women idealize her man, and expects it to solve all the problems, especially in crisis situations.

Psychologically mature woman is in a relationship, because he knows that his chosen man.

Codependent women is because experiencing intense fear of being alone, and it seems that more men for herself she will not find.

Psychologically mature woman feels pleasure from meeting new men, flirting and flirting.

Codependent women feel uncomfortable when dealing with unfamiliar men and does not feel able to easily attract men.

Psychologically mature woman takes care of the man out of love, but still feel free.

Codependent women care for fear of losing him, and willingly gives him his freedom because still does not know what to do with it.

And what kind of woman - are you?