How not to lose your head on the wave of love

How not to lose your head on the wave of love

The state of love man is inclined to greatly exaggerate the virtues of the object of his passion, and sometimes see those whom the person never existed.

On this basis, a certain level of anxiety is natural,, and until then, until it becomes a poison, poison your happiness, it can not do anything.

Another thing, when you are many times a day are worried that you mind-blowing, and you unwell control.

Another thing, if you find it difficult to maintain the appearance that you are still the man to conquer and win.

Another thing, if you see it for her prince on a white horse and ready to do anything, if only he was with you.

Another thing, if instead of feeling joy and relaxation you occasionally struggle with clearly palpable concern about the fact that he is actually for people and where may cause your relationship with him.

So, it's time to deal with the source of your anxiety. And you can start with to see (as, of course, possible) to those alarm bells that sound in your head. What causes them?

If their behavior is man, his actions in relation to you, then you really have a reason to think about what kind of person next to you. It is important not to forget about the fact that you can misinterpret his behavior, and then the only way - a way to clarify the reasons for a man of his actions. The main trap that awaits man in love - a desire to see only what he wants to see, and ignoring reality.

Faith is not to the man, and his deeds - this is a reliable reference point that will help you stay on the surface of reality.

Now back to the point from which we started the article - the man in love can be a normal anxiety about the relationship, and perhaps excessive, downright prohibitive. So, the latter occurs when there is not worked the previous negative experience of relations. The anxiety is just a signal that you have something to fear, because you have not learned experience from his past love experience.

There is no smoke without fire, and your alarm is justified in the fact that you can once again run into trouble, because he continued to act in the framework embedded in your negative scenario. Who mortgaged? These same love and pledged failure, or rather, they are fortified.

The very same cause of the script lies in your childhood and what models of male and female behavior then you have learned. But that's another story. In conclusion, I repeat the most important points that will help you not to lose your head on the basis of love.

  1. Understand what you want from a relationship with men.
  2. Take care of their own interests, on time and competently speaking man about how you can do and how you can not. And on this subject, I have a separate article called "How to correctly send the guy a psychologist."
  3. Do not let a man do with you what he wants. From the outset, relations wave the man before their personal boundaries, because, no matter how much you do not fall in love, to dissolve in a man - is the path to unhappiness for both.

Do not let the man to encroach on your freedom and the fact that you hold dear,

because no matter how wonderful it was,

Your desires no one better than you know yourself and not be satisfied.