Heartache ... When she comes back ...

Heartache ... When she comes back ...

I think anyone reading this article is familiar with the fact that such heartache. And probably not just in theory.

Heartache is often the result of psychological trauma - fresh, or the one that was received earlier.

Psychological trauma is considered a human reaction to a significant event that triggers emotional negative experiences of sufficient duration and varying degrees of intensity.

Someone experiencing feelings were a result of trauma often, someone less. It depends on the circumstances, and the characteristics of the person and of the personal history. A sufficient number of traumatic episodes from his childhood in many cases are neistselonnymi.

If old slightly prolonged injury, such injury is a little "sore", creating a common background, or explicitly not concerned as long as a certain person or event will not touch it and will open like a protracted new "skin", "surface ".

Traumatic events may be different: for example, the situation of abandonment, abuse, humiliation, the choice of VIPs in favor of another, deception, loss of a loved one, illness, crisis. But such events are very painful not for everyone, and not in any life span.

Indeed adults psychologically people are resistant and have the appropriate resources to cope with them effectively. Personality and less mature children are traumatized, they tend to be stronger. Not all and not always aware of the presence at some injuries. And not always in itself awareness of the fact that they are present, gives a chance to heal.

When a person is at a reception at the psychologist, in many cases it did not link their emotional pain (caused by the re-traumatization), which is experiencing in recent times, with some long-time heavy for him events. This happens most often if they took place many years ago.

The episode of the past, causing the person is in the unpleasant events and even (for many, perhaps surprisingly) inadvertently contribute to their creation, and therefore experience pain, often do not realized in everyday life.

Experience shows that a large number of such injuries - children. In the process of psychological work, they often become aware of and available for healing. And they, and injuries in the age of "over dtsat", too, in most cases it is possible (and sometimes easier) to heal, if it is really to engage and act with understanding.

Neistselonnye injuries tend to hinder comfortable and successful life, as well as prevent the development of certain areas. Anyone who has been injured, usually does not live in inner freedom, as if breaking through the difficult experience of (fear, anxiety, resentment, guilt, feelings of inadequacy, shame), and sometimes even without making efforts to improve the quality of life and gain peace of mind. Even the awareness obliterated from the memory of trauma is sometimes painful. But along with the psychologist process, as a rule, it is made easier and safer. Although it is not necessary to wait for the process completely painless and in cooperation with the specialist. Sometimes it is important to go through the pain, as in some medical procedures, after which the recovery comes. But endure a lifetime or periodic returns - why?

A man can not always look at yourself without illusions. It happens, for example, he finds its natural manifestations has long acquired psychological defenses, and therefore does not believe in the possibility of a better life. After all, it is what it is ... It is a mistake, he often finds himself in a whole somehow not so, and does not even know that it was not he himself is incomplete, and life is not an effective strategy.

But the mistakes are almost always be corrected.

Especially if they relate to the internal state and private life.

Psychological trauma can be healed.

Faster and more real it is done with the help of a psychologist. We have the determination?