The dress, which divided the Internet

The dress, which divided the Internet

Everything is relative


There once was a farmer. And there was his family: his wife, adult daughter and son in law, grandchildren, juvenile, and the house a little cramped. Wife grumbles, daughter-in-law quarrel, grandchildren running around, screaming, noisy. No rest, no life and hard labor. Tired to live like a farmer and decided to go to the wise man to ask for advice. Comes and tells him:

- I can not go on living like this, tired. Wife grumbles, daughter-in-law quarrel, grandchildren screaming, running around, make noise. Tell me what to do?

And the sage said to him:

- Do you have a dog?

- There. Responsible farmer

- So, the head of her home, let you live. A week later, I come, tell me.

I do not understand anything the farmer, but the wise listen. Comes a week. Complains:

- Why did I listen to you, even worse was the wife nags, daughter-in-law quarrel, children shouting, noise, tease a dog, it barks all night, does not sleep. What should I do?

- Do you have a goat? - wise man asks.

- There.

- Take her home let you live. Come back in a week, tell me.

There comes a week farmer exhausted and very tired.

- It is impossible to become the wife nags, daughter-in-law quarrel, children shouting, noise, dog barking, does not give anyone sleep, goat bleats, all horns butting, jumping on the table. All can not do more.

- And you've got a cow eat? - wise man asks. - Here Establishments her home, too, and come in a week tell. There comes a farmer in a week,

- All - said - can not go on, do not want to live - it is not life, it's hell.

- And now you Cast out all the animals out of the house - a wise man tells him - and come in a week tell.

Man comes in a week, satisfied.

- Well, thank you - said the sage. - Not life, and grace. The wife smiles, daughter in-law coo, grandchildren pranks touches. I have a good life. Happy I'm a man.

Carry out this experience.

Take three cups of water, in one pour hot water into another cold, and the third room temperature. Soak their hands in one cold and the other hot water for some time - and then put them together in a bowl of water at room temperature.

All who are not familiar with this experience and doing it for the first time, at this moment there is one and the same expression - surprise and bewilderment. Man sees his hands are in the same water, and the signals are received, different, one hand says that the water is hot, and the other is that the water is cold.

This experience with three bowls of different temperature was known to the ancient Greeks. Aristotle saw him more than once, to show the subjectivity of human perception. But he did not go further and extend this principle to all the mental processes of perception.

For two thousand years, both scientific and everyday understanding, people have been told that we are rational beings, perceive the world objectively and always act rationally, well, of course, with a few exceptions of strong emotion and psychological abnormalities. And it makes us like to think not just our rational attitude. As psychologists say, we unconsciously favoring themselves and their group. And in this case the group - it is the whole of humanity, or almost all, if you remember not long ago existed racial prejudice.

Science does not stand still, and accumulated a lot of facts and evidence of irrational human behavior wise could no longer hold an irrational need to perceive themselves rational person. And for the last forty years through the efforts of psychologists who conducted thousands of experiments in the field of social psychology, we begin to realize how unwise we behave in life.

And the first thing we can say about our perception of bias?

We all perceive objects or values ​​not in isolation, but always in comparison with other objects and values. That is, we do not define the nominal value and the relative. Remember experience with hot and cold water?

And we can even color is determined only in relation to other colors. And it's a proven fact of our perception of color. Maybe someone remembers the story of "The dress, which divided the Internet"? One half saw a dress of white and gold, the other - blue-black. Here is a small excerpt from the discussion:

"- Those who have it white ... Kaaaaak ???

- Counter-question: where is all black in the picture?

- Lace stripes - black O_o

- But where they are black then?

-On the main it was a white and gold, opened the paper and saw the blue-black. Now I see on the main blue-black. - I looked at the dress a couple of hours ago, it was white and gold. And now I see the Black and Blue. HOW !? "

I would like to quote here a clear experiment.

Imagine that you went to the store to make a major purchase, such as expensive equipment or a chic suit. The price for this commodity thousand dollars, and you know, that is exactly the same product can be bought at another store, which is half an hour away from this place for 991 dollar. Do you go to another store to buy this product?

Now imagine that you went to buy a product and found that it costs ten dollars, and in another shop, which is just a half-hour walk, this product is worth one dollar. Do you go in this case to another store?

Almost one hundred percent remains in the former and buy the goods - and seventy percent go to another store in the second case. Though like all it is clear that the adoption of a decision should affect only the price difference (it's nine dollars) and the distance to the next shop. In both cases they are identical.

This phenomenon, though opened recently, but it has always been used for hundreds of years in a variety of areas, ranging from the religious and political, and ending with the trade and family.

For example, sellers of real estate or used cars before showing a product that they want to sell, show the goods of inferior quality and higher prices. And buyers, comparing what they offer after the best quality and at a lower cost, with great enthusiasm for the subsequent proposals. A smart girl going to visit or to a party, try to take a less beautiful girlfriend.

Even Schwarzenegger due to this phenomenon won his first Mr. Olympia. He was picking up the room, which had to go through the competition, I chose the one that was with dark paneling. Because of his skin color was lighter than all of its rivals, and against the background of these panels, he stood out and been swept up much better than their opponents.

  • And generally is the easiest way to get positive emotions - is to compare ourselves with those who live worse than you, but the same law applies in the opposite direction.
  • The easiest way to become unhappy - is to begin to compare themselves with more successful people.

So you always have the choice to be happy or unhappy.