Popular diets

The most popular diet strategy -

to temporarily starve without physical education.

During hunger weight is lost, mainly due to the fluid and muscle mass. Upon cancellation of the diet - weight is dialed again, but, of course, not muscle and water, and fat.

As a result, each calling on such a diet your body is getting worse and worse - the muscles are fewer, more and more fat, the daily "dose" treacherous calories decreases, because to not get fat on, you should eat even less.

This is the case with all who are hungry, without physical education.

The conclusion is simple: you need to engage in physical exercise!

I want to see the most popular diets on the Internet, newspapers and on girlfriends.

1. The Kremlin diet

All are: carbohydrates - the enemies, do not eat carbs. On this diet the green light only, and low-fat protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits. After the first stages of agony with a diet allowed some carbohydrates. But! There is a strange haze about the rate of carbohydrate for life, which is calculated according to the formula: eat carbohydrates until you grow thin, as soon as you stop losing weight - Reduce the rate of carbohydrate.

What's really going on?

Weight lost at deficiency of calories is depending on carbohydrates and is dialed always with surplus. Enemy dietchikov carbohydrates - only retain water in the body: a pound of carbohydrates delays half liter of water. Accordingly, without using carbohydrates, the body loses the very water, which carbohydrate detained. Once the carbohydrates back into our bodies - and the water returns. This is normal! In addition to the water goes and muscle mass. In general, the formula for any diet is the same - seven or eight thousand calories is equal to one kilogram. Fired at fiznagruzki or balanced deficit - minus kilograms, gorged with food - plus.


There can be all but counting every calorie. With a deficit of 10-20% + Training - get a balanced diet work without consequences.

2. Ducane

The same as that of the Kremlin diet. The sharp decline in carbohydrates, then - slow return of carbohydrates. The difference lies in the recommendation to walk more. Guidelines and conclusions described above.

3. Cholesterol Diet

The essence of the diet to lowering cholesterol levels, and weight decrease and then himself. The composition of the product is no different from the previous low-carbohydrate diets, respectively, did not differ and conclusions.

4. Japanese and Chinese diets

The bottom line: eat a little. Of products - meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and coffee. You can not sugar, and salt. Be sure to drink half a liter of water a day. Weight loss due to carbohydrates and salt.

Conclusion: eat a little - a little, and still need to move.

5. Kefir diet

essence in the ratio of meat, vegetables and yogurt. Yogurt drink, when you want and as much as necessary. Depending on the fat, calorie yogurt from 30 to 60 kcal per 100 grams. In such a diet is easy to sort out the calories. Without counting and physical education in it does not make sense. 6. The chocolate diet

You can eat for a day just only 100 grams of dark chocolate, can no longer be anything. You can drink water and tea without sugar. Eat so 3 times a day, a week, guaranteed loss kilograms (!) Per day.

In fact, a diet of 560 calories (100 gram chocolate bar) - is a powerful stress for any organism. So you lose muscle, water, spirits and forces. Remember that the deficit is appropriate for 10-20% of the daily norm.

is not so important what you eat for weight loss - whether PIROZHENKO, chocolate, steaks, biscuits, bagels -

the whole thing in the formula "eat 10-20% less than the norm and move!"