Husband or man does not want to pay child support voluntarily ...

Husband or man does not want to pay child support voluntarily ...

The phenomenon is quite common -

were married, divorced,

and the child stayed with his mother.

There are times when not married, and the child was.

It happens that a child conceived, mom found out, and my dad just disappeared.

We will consider today the first and second scenario.

In this case, almost every woman wants to moral and material support from men. Very rare woman after pregnancy or childbirth, after training the baby is ready to bid farewell to the humble man and did not want him and not demand. She was tough, she was tired, and the desire to support a very legitimate. But if a man is not willing to give her the support, the woman raised a lot of feelings and emotions that can only hurt.

Let us understand why men do not want to pay child support voluntarily - and how to be a woman.

He - or ... abyuzer. This is the easiest answer and the woman he loved. Yes, it happens that a woman just can not appreciate and understand how ethical, responsible and educated man.

If he can afford to open to change, to spend more time with friends, drink alcohol excessively, and most importantly - constantly insult, harass, and to raise his hand to a woman, it makes no sense to wait for maintenance of such a man. He do not care deeply, and nothing can be done. He is so constituted that it is not in this care, responsibility and loyalty. Maternal instinct for it and the parent - it is the prerogative of women.

If a woman is very much the man got. The woman hysteric can drink all the juice out of a man, kill love, not only to sebeYu but also to the child. Divorce or leaving the family for him salvation, and he does not want in any way come in contact with the past life, even through child support. Any reminder of the woman for him like an electric shock. He may hate a woman, and it's the same feeling, but to a much lesser extent, to shift the child.

The man does not want to pay child support because child - not his choice! And he's not ready to bear responsibility for it. If a woman is pregnant and they married just on this occasion, but none wanted to be a father and little involved in bearing and bringing up baby. He did not give his permission (yes, as if it did not sound rude) to this child, he silently agreed with the fact that a woman is pregnant.

And when it was not his choice, not his sincere desire, and the responsibility to carry it sees no sense. So men are arranged, and to fight it useless.

If he left the family or relationship to another woman, then it just candy buketny period, hormones play, he is happy, and the child simply does not fit into his life. Money is more important to him to "service" and the conquest of a new passion. He sees the future there is happiness, and our responsibility is ready to use in a new relationship, because there is better than in the past. It then more valued, loved, respected, and the new baby, he is planning to love more.

What makes a woman?

It is all possible and impossible ways trying to get child support. But the worst thing that makes a woman - she is angry, angry, annoyed and offended by a man who does not want to voluntarily bring money for the baby. Thus, she spends an incredible amount of their energy!

She throws all her feminine energy on a report that a man should take care of the child.

Let us so?

If a man has a sense of responsibility and care, if he really loves the child and is ready to financially support, because he knows how much it's not easy, but "it happened" that he can not be in the family - then this is it.

He alone was, and no matter how much he does not like a woman - it is important that the relationship to the child he had adequate.

If he does not have the notorious responsibility, respect, and others - that this is not!

And you, how would you like it or not it is able to instill, to educate, to inform, to explain, to prove, to improve, to understand, and more. You will not be able to cultivate these values ​​in it, especially if you are emotionally charged negatively. nothing left to him, how to ignore the attacks and strengthen women in their decision not to give money.

What to do?

Stop wasting energy into the void.

You can sue, to issue the necessary documents. But without emotions, scandals, accusations and others. It makes no sense to get angry at him, hold a grudge, insult and most importantly - discuss this topic 24 hours a day with her mother, her friends and colleagues, draining vitality.

Even more to say to you - unless you're angry at him, then give him the energy and feed it. He - well, you - no. It is necessary to you?

Take care of your energy for yourself and your baby.

This is the best thing you can do.

Man from his act does not win, it's his life, and if it is destined - he ever understand his errors caused by irresponsibility. But it is not your job.