How to stop being afraid to take the first step and start changing in your life?

This article is not about those

who knows what he wants.

And as for those who know,

who has a goal and a vision of where to go.

But somehow, nothing changes, there are reasons not to do any steps on the path to the goal, there are excuses and growing concern.

To get started is to find the causes of these excuses and fears.

Why are people afraid to take the first step?

What happens if this step will make?

And, for example, it will reach its goal. What will happen?

Why scary? Yes, because somewhere there unconscious thought: What if it does not, and suddenly it will not as it should be, and suddenly I will evaluate, and suddenly go something wrong, and I lose my face in the eyes others. Suddenly it does not work, maybe better not to start? Suddenly, I give up what is now, and there fail. I'd rather not risk it.

What is stopping you? What is the mind?

If you imagine that the already achieved success and goals.

It raises other concerns. It is necessary to maintain its status, regularly confirm that you go ahead and you are fine.

Up there, there are others such as who came. It is with them now have to deal with. And to prove that you're the best. On the lower level is difficult to accept.

How are such concerns, fears and insecurities? From childhood.

Who do you still prove that to the right, it has the right, you can, that you are worthy, that is not worse than the others, that is better than others, that an adult that does not need any help, that fellow that good, that successful. Who must prove that you can love now, not after you reach the heights.

Mom? Pape? Neighbor? Other? Who else still defines your life? What would you like to make that first step? In order to achieve the goal? Goals where? In future? And now what? Now that you think and feel?

When thinking about the future or the past determine your life, then you will never be satisfied with so that you do and that you will receive in the end. Because you will think - that will, reach, lift, then I'll be happy. No. You can not be happy in the future. For happiness does not need to do anything. It is inside. It simply must be seen to raise to the surface and allow it to be.

Your goal should be located in the present tense.

You must enjoy what you are doing now.

If you're okay now what will you do this first step, then do it. Vidte those stresses and fears that rise, watch for them - and move on. If you are well now, and tomorrow you'll be fine. When your body is relaxed and you are relying on the present moment, it is the strength and the desire to act. If this is indeed your desire, when it ripens inside, you will not notice, as it was already moving toward the goal. And the most important. Why do you need all this - to take a step and reach the goal?

  • In order to get noticed? - Who noticed?
  • In order to earn money? - What money?
  • In order to evaluate? - Who have?
  • To test their strength? - Why you do not believe in their own strength?
  • In order to secure your future? - This is the only way?
  • In order to receive pleasure from the activity?

If you honestly answer yourself to these questions, then it will be easier or make a move, or to refuse this step. In this case, you will not have to worry and feel guilty and imperfect.

So what do you want it now? What is in your soul? What does your body? What it is configured? What prompts you to make it? What else you need to pay attention? What knowledge still get? Who else to talk about? What else to finish? Where else to look?

Well, that's all. Go! Do! You will succeed!

You - the best person in this world!

The universe is always ready to come to your aid