How mature adult?

How mature adult?

If you are over 20 or over 30,

, or 40, or even 50,

and parents are talking to you as a small child - this must have something to do.

Of course, if you like that for you to decide, indicate, offer advice, your team, then do nothing. Live quietly.

But if bored valuable advice, it makes sense to take some steps.

Take a look at the passport.

How old are you? It you about something said? Do you feel like an adult and independent person? Or are you still a small child? Rather, the man who got stuck in childhood and can not get out of this state.

If you decide to grow, take a decision now.

And gradually become older, wiser, more confident, smarter, more aware. You can not today be an adult and a child again tomorrow, because it is beneficial to you. It turns out the game. The game does not work in relationships with loved ones. So grown - so grown!

hiking with this decision a few days.

Try these days do not communicate with their parents, so they do not break your plans. While the decision to grow up not rooted in and there is no certainty you very simply return back to the "childhood". It is not necessary to consult with friends. If they are just as insecure as you are, then this uncertainty will give you, and no longer any desire to change anything. When you feel the strength to engage in dialogue with parents, the first time they are trying to "povospityvat" you tell them calmly and confidently: "I do not like the way you talk to me and ask more so do not do". Or the phrase that you want to say. Without excuses, without explanation, without panic. The first reaction to your words will be different. From surprise to anger. The main thing is not to argue. And do not panic.

If they continue to speak to you as a child, then you just go on and go without explanation. We can say here that you love them very much, but talk like that do not want to. First, they will not understand that you have changed and no longer a child. But with time to reach them, that their child has grown and needs in their control and custody.

If you are dependent on their parents financially, and this is the reason you have to endure their relationship to you, find a way to become independent and self-reliant.

If you interfere fears, complexes, uncertainty, then look inside yourself, ask what prevents mature. Accept yourself now - uncertain, little, coward. Taking your inner child, you let him help you.

Inner child - it is not only cowardly and hesitant. He is also a magician, storyteller, sociable, creative, courageous. Acceptance of self and a different love of self will decorate the life and help in difficult situations. Aware of its internal state, you will be their "release to the surface" at the right time. During sports, entertainment, recreation. When you are afraid of themselves and do not like, then these internal unloved children manifest themselves in inappropriate situations, and it looks out of place. Then just when you need to be serious and adult.

Learn to be attentive to yourself, to the inner world, not just to the people who surround you.

See, that most of your thoughts about himself

constitute the thoughts and beliefs of parents. And to you personally, they are not related. Rather, it is their personal unresolved complexes. And you they can do nothing to help. You can only take the parents for what they are. Even if they do not respect you. For the simple reason that you are more aware, than they are.

If you are persistent, consistent, confident, then everything will turn out. I wish awareness! And easy growing up :)

It is impossible to understand the situation - seek help from a psychologist. This is normal. Just okay, how to handle the dentist. You do not treat yourself teeth :)