Persistence of women: causes, consequences and solutions

Periodically to me for advice seek women who can not live happily without a man.

And often without any specific individual, but in general, in principle, can not be a long one. Who is to be, at times becomes especially important - the main thing that a number of rambling being male.

They are willing to tolerate almost anything, but would not be without a pair.

How does it happen?

What are the reasons that push women to be hung on the men and teeth seizes their stranglehold, thereby causing them to nothing but negativity?

How to be the one who recognized my description of all or part of himself?

All these issues the subject of my article today. And be ready to respond honestly to myself a number of questions - alas, but without these your internal responses did not move the deadlock from a dead point.

So, let's begin.

  • What are the wishes and needs you have come to the to enter into a relationship with a man?
  • What do you want from a relationship?
  • Who were you and who is he?

The failures did not begin with the first experience of the indifferent attitude of the man in whom you were in love with is not one, and with parents. Resentment and relationships with their parents - this is only part of the situation.

What you wanted to be with a man, imposed on him and did not lag behind - it is a signal that something your parents did not give, and you now want to get it through a man. You may have time and again prove that you are worthy of love. You are trying to compensate for the self-doubt through the love of other men. You can not project the attitude of men to themselves: if you love a man who is important to you - you feel your worth, and if you do not like - you are cast into an abyss of unworthiness and self-flagellation.

When a man sees a woman so badly needs it, it can not resist the temptation not to use it. He manipulates you through pressure on your fears.

Do you want to be free - then realize that makes you afraid.

Why do women act as lead, imposed on men?

They behave this way because they have a number of needs that they want to meet a man through.

And I must say, it does not need for sex and motherhood. No, it needs to experience certain emotions (comfort, security) and meet in the spiritual sphere (inner peace), it needs a personal nature (self-confidence, self-esteem, a sense of its absolute value).

They are easy to calculate from that how you see men and women who have a perfect relationship you want and what role they allot themselves. In other words, you're behaving like a man who very much wants to get something for themselves and use any means (read: all men) to get it.

Selfish behavior, obsession in relation to men, threats and manipulation - all this is not a complete list of what resorts woman in an attempt to win and retain the right to her man. But this is all condemned by society, and she feels it is perfectly silent reproach. Nevertheless, it continues to do what does - and it is clear evidence of the fact that she, despite this, you still need to get a man. Can you imagine how strong her need for a man? You learn a little yourself?

What, then we move to the root of the problem.

What you do, you can not do - and not because they have lost the shame and you do not care about the opinions of others. Most often, she simply becomes a victim of their unmet needs, are forced out of her mind, everything in the world, leaving only the desire to get a man at any cost.

It is important to realize, that for the unmet needs of you are driven - and find a way to satisfy them, not dependent at the same time from any particular man. And it is possible, believe me! Perhaps because the requirements are not in the area of ​​sex and love between man and woman, and in other areas, as I wrote a little higher.

Summing up, let me emphasize:

is not a woman to enter into a serious relationship with a man, being in need.

If a person needs something, it somehow will communicate and perceive other people (by the way, not only men, but in general any person) as an opportunity to plug a hole in his own discontent with something. In other words, it will look at people through a crystal distorts reality. And the essence of this crystal - its unmet needs.

Distorted picture of reality, the stronger the greater the dissatisfaction, and therefore the less likely a long mutual love. No one wants to be another means, everyone wants to be loved. And for a person to feel that he is not a partner for the tool, and people who take this for what it is - you need to and it was in reality. Feel the enormous difference between the attitude to you a man who is something of you need - and a man who wants you to give something just because you are so valuable to him, simply because he loves you!

Only if you love yourself you will love others.

only if you respect yourself, you will have to respect the other.

Only if you have an unwavering sense of self-worth, you will be more expensive than others.

And that is very important:

If you will see a value of -

You will see the value in others.