From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. session 1-2

From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. session 1-2

Self is a collective volitional characteristic that includes a shutter speed, boldness and partly determination, t. E. They will qualities, which are associated with the suppression of negative emotions, causing unwanted inducement to humans. Self associated with self-monitoring and self-regulation of emotional behavior, self-limiting with emotional responses and depends on the ratio between the affect and intelligence.

/ Ilyin Evgeny Pavlovich, Doctor of Psychology

Note: The article was published with the consent of the client. Material "chronicles the school injury" is contained in nine articles. Each of the following items match the description of one session. Reading is recommended according to the numbering.

When parents bring their children for the first time at a reception in the office sandplay-oriented psychologist, they do not always have an idea of ​​how serious this method - because there are so many "toys". And no wonder, when have to hear phrases such as early in the course of therapy sandplay:

  • 'Yes, she likes to go to you, because you are constantly emerging new heroes Cartoons'
  • 'Of course, son loves to play, but his lessons are not USADA "
  • "To me it's just fighting the sand, ordinary child's play to."

Therefore, I invite to look at the "kitchen" and touch the depth of conscious and unconscious psyche of small customers, which launches sandplay process to satisfy relevant needs of the child's soul and to ensure its forces for change.

Client Case Report

"First time in first class" - it is exciting and joyful. But Maxim September was a serious test: school attendance had to be stopped due to repeated episodes of vomiting in class. At the end of the conversation my mother cried: "I do not understand what's going on with your child and how to cope with it, the doctors said that the health of my son all right." According to the results of projective tests and interviews revealed that Maxim peculiar tendency to perfectionism, analytical mind boy combined with high sensitivity and negative assessment of the significant adult (teacher) was the cause of securing psychosomatic symptoms. The psyche of the child no longer cope with the school on a physical level. Positive for the therapy was that the injury has paralyzed the only aspect that is associated with the presence in the class.

Reflections on the case:

According to the theory of stages of development of Erik Erikson every child from 7 to 11 years, it is important to feel competent and efficient, but not inert and inferior. When injury occurs regression, and Maxim turned inwardly set back in the psychological age from 3 to 7, where guilt is opposed to the initiative.

From the standpoint of Jungian analysis violation occurred axis ego-Self, flooding Ego child shame, fear and confusion in the relationship with the teacher and peers.

School a reality impregnated with the imaginary (or objective) malevolence teacher, became the backdrop for fixing the symptom, forming complex (sensuously colored contents of the personal unconscious).

Reflection ego in 7 years is still weak, and creates the conditions for the unlimited power of the super-ego of the ego in the form of self-deprecation, and ongoing shame for himself and relatives, so repeated attacks. Shadow power also enhances (in the behavior of any restraint, shyness, restraint, barely audible a quiet voice). Maxim ego was unable to provide a positive image of Persons (first grader image). Persona and Shadow were in deep conflict with each other, access to energy was blocked shadows.

The complex, uncontrollable in school, in his native walls subsided, so a home updated other potentials (subpersonalities) personal unconscious:.. A "home child" like Maxim and successful in contrast to the "social child" Maxim. It is therefore important to have a "not to be in school and at home," where the energy relationship with Self revives and nourishes the Ego and Persona. Although it should be noted: the school as such positively painted in the minds of the child, Maxim attended the preparatory class and look forward to the start of study. Furthermore, the interaction appeared weakness anima (feminine part of the psyche) and animus (male part). Ignoring the help and authority of the Animus, Anima was left alone in a situation of struggle with the complex.

Processes together have significantly reduced access to the self energy that formed a vicious circle, will not solve the problem with a visit to the school on their own.

From the point of view of existential analysis:

According to the theory of the four fundamental motivations Langley violation occurred simultaneously in all four spheres of life in the school context. In the context of home Save motivation and active, but 2 PM, the trauma memories are alarming and anxiety in the family.

  • FM 1: I and the objective world, I and my conditions of existence of - vanished condition of acceptance and support, security. Conditions are such that I can no longer stay in them. Even if I accept them (continue attending classes), I still can not stand them (repeated attacks). Defensive reaction - in the form of apparent death, fading life activity is paralyzed.
  • 2 PM: I and my feelings. Do I live? Isolation from their own feelings, closeness of a rich spectrum of feelings, immersion in shame and fear. Positive emotions from the game, and freedom still have the taste of anxiety and worry.
  • FM 3: Do I have the right to be yourself? Be so? Authenticity. No, I have to step over themselves. So, what I am now, you can not be, I'm not able to express themselves, to present themselves in the form in which now resides.
  • FM 4: What should I do? For me and my future thing? How do I prove themselves in life? I can play, creating a sense. But the study is not available for me. I can not be a disciple. I do not know what to do.

treatment plan

Dora Kalf, founder of the sand therapy, and Erich Neumann recognized that any expansion of conscious perception includes a repeat course of development of the mind from the very beginning of life. To fully be integrated into the identity of each new awareness has to go through all the phases of mental evolution. So I always keep in focus the area 3 aspect changes:

  1. initial development of the child's psyche;
  2. intrapsychic healing wounds and development delays;
  3. the development of each new expansion of conscious perception.

a road map and the algorithm works served as mental development phase in sandplay, which in practice are identified Dora Kalf:

  1. unity "mother-child";
  2. relationship with the mother;
  3. konstelyatsiya Self t. E. In a specific order placed in the sand figures associated with the current complex, causing a strong emotional response, accompanied by the usual action / pattern, give rise to a new experience and the meaning of life.

And the following phases of ego development on Kalf:

  1. animal-vetetativnaya;
  2. the battle, the activation of the archetype of the Hero;
  3. adaptation to the collective.

The tasks of the theory of crises and the development of Erikson:

It is necessary to return the boy to a sense of competence, creating the conditions for experience-determination initiative, dissipating feelings of guilt.

Tasks Jungian analysis:

  • The support and containment boy experiences;
  • networking ego-Self, a return to the self;
  • Reconciliation with the Animus and the Shadow;
  • Resource Search Shadows;
  • Creation of conditions for observing ego;
  • Gain, nurturing, nutrition ego;
  • Mitigation superego, treatment in a constructive direction superego acts in relation to the ego;
  • Debugging connection between body and mind.

Tasks existential analysis:

  • Activate FM 1: create an environment of acceptance and support for the customer. Strengthening the ability to withstand the conditions of life. Note: The composition of sand always reflect the actual conditions in which the psychic life of the client takes place. To paraphrase in everyday meme - "survived in a sand matrix, then survive in the real world," J - it will reflect exactly what was going on in sandplay.
  • The contact with 2 FM: immersion in a sense, the training capacity to tolerate negative feelings, the ability to build on the positive. Openness, turning to himself by first empathic psychologist and independently in the future.
  • Statement 3 FM: acceptance and containment of the image I'm the client, to create conditions for dialogue with the inner self (persona) through issues relevant interventions and pauses.
  • Support for 4 FM: school tests, engaging in intellectual activity, free manifestation of fantasy and imagination. Return to training senses through play.

In the simplest terms, integrating theoretical approaches: in sandy journey of Maxim, we will move through the free action (without the set, at least in the first five sessions). We will need the full acceptance, the ability to withstand all that will occur in the sandy world will plunge into a new emotion. Looking from the outside will help to understand what is happening and find a metaphorical way out of difficulties. All this is aimed at reconciliation with her I return the lost strength.

Note: Each figure has a rich symbolism of the collective, which is taken into account when interpreting compositions.

Date: Sessions were held for 2 weeks in October with a break of 2-3 days.

Sandbox number 1: The battle with the crocodile.

Maxim has created its first session on the sandbox already love. He created the sandbox without much zeal, simply follow the instructions. The behavior of Maxim attended trauma symptoms: stiffness, excessive restraint, quiet voice, avoiding the eyes, muted emotions. It is noteworthy that with the sand approached very carefully, it was very important that the reservoirs were perfectly clean (perfectionism). It was found that particularly fond of insects like them to learn from the pictures encyclopedia. First sandbox - this is one of the most important events. Any characters not random, the relations between them, events, landscape, transportation - everything has a special significance. Characters are usually trapped in the sand very first, later to become permanent actors, symbolizing those or other important people, feelings, and client sub-personalities.

From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. session 1-2

1.1. The attack on the snake. Fight spiders. The internal conflict immediately manifested. The protagonist (the image of the client) - stag beetle. Crocodile in this case - it is the image of his older brother (as it turned out the boy from associations and from conversations with parents). Spiders - archetypal images of parents. And, despite the obvious symbolism of the shadow, it is a very positive images, you need to take into consideration the boy's sympathy for any insects at all (it is revealed in the following compositions).

New heroes will come later - Cheetah, Bird, Big Beetles. Cheetah save the snake from the jaws of a crocodile, then Snake will be buried in the sand. The protagonist Beetle violently clash with crocodiles, forcing it into the body of water (thus like displacing it to the unconscious). In the future, all of the sandbox Maxim will be very interactive, up to 24 scenes per session. Unfortunately, the Article impossible to provide all the photos with step by step analysis.

Conclusion: The first sandpit in a realistic battle scene beings reflected the main problems and possible approaches to their solution (Stage 1 Sandplay by Veynribu therapy). Captured struggle, confrontation, loss of comfort, appearance of savior figures, forces and intensifying their own fury on others to itself, a situation which can not and should not be shown in social forms.

Shown firsthand the conflict provides the psyche of any client (or small adult) a unique opportunity to see the life and from the side and be inside it at the same time - so converging processes of perception and understanding. Information processing in conscious and unconscious mode is faster than usual. The younger children of school age the percentage of the unconscious work on myself, of course, higher. Questions psychologist help the child to draw parallels with the events of his life itself. But if the child is in a state of trauma, questions and conversations are minimized, preference is given to the actions, the analysis of the symbolic content of the figures psychologist produces a "behind the scenes".

For a visual example - analyze the character Crocodile. Crocodile - performer of God's punishment, the master of the waters and the earth, life and death, eater, symbolizing the need to go through death to new life. Be swallowed crocodile - then go down into the pit.

The psyche of the child, obozhonnogo shame, really is in the underworld and to be reborn through a symbolic death to new life.

Why seemingly safely rescued Snake to be buried? Perhaps the snake has several meanings at the same time - is vulnerable and aggressive nature, a symbol of the Ouroboros (the human condition before birth). Aggressive side, and ability to fight, not yet able to stand up for themselves and show their social behavior, now they need to stay in the healing alone. Or until their appearance unbearable as a species of its own shadow.

So, Barbara Turner in his book "on sendpley Therapy Guide" writes:

The burial of something beneath the surface of the sand may point to a quality that is not consciously, but is on the way to consciousness. Burial may express a desire to hide what is intolerable, appalling, disgusting. As far as we know, any quality that is hiding in the shadows of the unconscious, a strong ego scares. Burial may be relevant to the jam, as "entrapment into a trap," "zamurovannosti in the crypt" or impotence ... Deliberately engaging in such a way in relation to the mental aspects of the dark, conscious psyche recognizes their presence and enters into a relationship with them. This new relationship is a prerequisite for the re-ordering of the psyche.

The desperate confrontation Beetle Shrek - is evidence locked vital force, willingness to fight for the return of freedom. And the customer in contact with his forces in sandplay directly. Changes may be is not yet visible to the eye, but his mind can not remain the same, she is involved in the healing process of transformation.

Sandbox number 2: Stay in the womb. Butterfly as a symbol of rebirth.

Second Sand painting is strikingly different from the first. She showed the depth of the trauma of being grasped psyche. In fact, a composition started only on the 50th minute of the fixed immersion of hands in the sand. Indeed, there was a frightening journey into the unconscious, the meeting with the power of his own shadow, to overcome the fear of her, touching her strength.

The task of the psychologist - not to interfere with the client's contact with the deep feelings. From the very beginning I have been given an intriguing setting: "Do not do anything until your hands do not release the sand and do not want to start a story. Closely observe how the hand feel of the sand. Let's see what they create. "

Long pauses and conversations "about nothing", the weather outside the window to the origin of the sand on the brain connections and hand - filled with serenity and interest. The two of us watched closely for the slightest activity toes in the sand, "something they already wanted to build ...". After about forty minutes Maxim began to examine the figures on the sides, but "hands confidently took a fairy tale," a single figure - the main character Beetle.

From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. session 1-2

2.1. After Maxim hands "released" the sand, it was a distinct pattern in the form of a butterfly. At this point in the office there was a real beetle, and its appearance has made a significant recovery in our communication. Maxim gladly buried figurine Beetle. Value is formed "maternal" hill Beetle symbolically immersed into the womb.

In this case the value is already otherwise instillation, t. K. A positive buried object, which the client explicitly identifies the like and partly to themselves.

The Burial of the movement will activate new abilities to solve urgent problem. Bury something - a gesture aimed at disintegration. Therefore, it initiates a process of revival and growth of something new.

/ Barbara Turner

In case of injury has been a violation of the balance of the mind. The clay field (or sand) may work through 3 main feeling:

  • skin feeling
  • equilibrium
  • susceptibility depth.

In sendpleya Maxim's example, we can observe it work with these categories:

Healthy hands can rest when they need to.

Injured hand or over-excited, frantic struggle to survive in a hostile environment, or not at all excited, paralyzed in horror. Frozen in horror hands do not rest - they do not move, they can not relax!

... Injured hand, however, did not know what to do. They are afraid, they are fragmented, and therefore need a therapist intervention to build in the field enough confidence and security, before they can turn to a traumatic event and resolve the problem ... Frozen hands are tied with traumatic experiences, where the client could not move with reacting immobility of the autonomic nervous system. / Cornelia Elbreht, "Healing the trauma in the field of clay"

Conclusion: We will see in action second stage of Veynribu - dive into the personal unconscious (shadow) and a clear manifestation of the problem and approaches to its solution.

And the first phase of the Calf: Mother-child.

As a result, the child hands "were filled with" safety, tactile sensations, external impulses (via exteroreceptors) sand degenerated into internal impulses already from the skin (interoreceptors), and only then hand sand left and wanted to move. Customer experience repeats psyche and figure Beetle, providing consolidation of new neural connections.

Imprint "Butterfly" left in the sand, can be interpreted as a symbol of truce, rebirth and balance (possibly between the ego and the superego, between social and home environment). Without a doubt chosen the only figure of, t. E. The "I" of the child receives a call, there was a sacred encounter with the reality of trauma, with its own emptiness alone.

symbol Beetle (scarab) - it means life, confidence in the actions to achieve the objectives in society and work, protects from evil forces and brings happiness. It was believed that a small beetle repeats the path of the sun, which rises, returning from the world of shadows. He is born and reborn from the manure, its own world of shadows and destruction.

Session with his elder brother Maxim (Denis, 11)

Relationship with his older brother for my little client proved to be significant, so Denis was held a separate session, which presented as a necessary stage of assistance to his younger brother to the school problem.

Denis - artistic, self-confident, slightly arrogant teenager with bright appearance. At the same pin, reflective enough and pleasant to talk to. I tend to judge the situation is critical and contradictory. Unlike Maxim, he is much more confident feel in contact with new people.

Became clear and the extent of his influence on the younger brother, and the feeling of frustration of communicating with him at last. The attractiveness of the image of his older brother with simultaneous coldness and arrogance, of course, low self-esteem feeds the young.

From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. session 1-2 From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. session 1-2

Composition on a theme: "I and Maxim."

In the photo on the right: there was a U-turn to Maxim, the appeal to face him.

The realization of his too critical and destructive relationship to his brother happened after interventions and questions that feels a little blue dragon ...

So, I find out the fact that Denis at Maxim can kill his favorite bugs and look at his reaction. Denis argument, really do not understand why Max is so painful, screaming, tears and fists reacts, was: "as many bugs!". On the example of pet cats Dennis, which "is too much!" I was able to convey the psychological meaning of what is happening, my beliefs have reached the goal. The question at the end of the session, what do you remember most, Denis replied thoughtfully: "The fact that Max feels when I'm with him killing insects."

To be continued. :)