From helplessness to self-mastery. Sandplay-session 3 of 10

From helplessness to self-mastery. Sandplay-session 3 of 10

Note to readers:

The method of sand therapy is effective in the short time, because in the long term. This article was published with the consent of the client, and is a logical continuation of "From helplessness to self-mastery. The Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. Session 1-2".

In the context of Article sandy understanding the events of the third session can be made difficult. Recommended consistent familiarity with the material.

Sandbox number 3:

Dangerous Leopard. Observation of the predator and the defense of it.

Third sandpit was special. It clearly revealed the third stage of Veynribu: partial resolution of the main complex (main problems).

During the first three stages of Sandplay overcome the impact of collective values, worked out the fear of personal initiative and responsibility. On the scene of male and female traits (Anima, Animus), become visible problems between them, as well as the unconscious negative side (shadow). Figures are usually located at the corners, occupy the center of the sandbox client is not solved. Healing potential of the psyche in these stages can result in the appearance uroboric elements in the sandbox (snakes, lizards, dragons, caves, mountains).

From helplessness to self-mastery. Sandplay-session 3 of 10 From helplessness to self-mastery. Sandplay-session 3 of 10

3.1. 3.2.


Starting position - hands submerged in the sand - has become a tradition. Hands themselves will come up with a story. Again, in the office there was a live bug (for the month of October it is not surprising phenomenon). He, as usual, plays the role of the protagonist, though unmanaged. the landscape is then created for the main figures of the Beetle: vegetation, mountain, lake. There is a new heroine - Centipede, she is also buried in the sand. Later this vulnerable part of the personality, a symbol of the anime, will appear permanently.

In a fairy tale come Mom and Dad, spiders, some kids - with her mother, the other - with the Pope. One of the spiders holds observer post on the hill of wet sand. The sand is continuously added to the water. Bonfires. Active actions occur only in the lower part of the sandbox. At the top of the picture is a huge figure of beetles that were not involved, keep still. There are warm-blooded animals: the leopard, and chipmunk. Leopard starts hunt for chipmunks with their appearance in the sandy field appeared palpable tension. Watching spider wanted to attack the Leopard to protect chipmunk, chipmunk in the ill-concealed fear and excitement of looking for a safe place - first over the mountain, and then on the lake, near the side of the sandbox. His guard Beetle and Spider-mother. Now it is not visible! Father Spider ready to attack the leopard itself! Chipmunk calmed. After that, new vegetation appears, this water-clear lakes. Fire extinguisher (Lighter) shines on the characters - to chipmunks, Spider-the Father, the object is located near the fire for safety. Chipmunks and protagonist Beetle separates the lake they are on different sides, but the Beetle looks after the chipmunks.

At the end of excess vegetation removed by a plane. Leopard will no longer attack. It appears Snakes and crocodile that attacks Spider-Father.


External and internal conflict partially resolved. An acquaintance with male and female psyche resources, intensified the archetype of the hero who forerunner - observing ego (brave spider on the mountain). injuries visible the landscape filled with dangerous characters against which military operations are successfully applied and tricks - you can hide, watch, attack, defend themselves. Symbolically took shape, and thus become available for the senses supporting "characters" character. At school the troubles that drove out the mind carefully, hiding in the darkness of the unconscious, to shed light consciousness. Revived psyche start cautiously explore the territory of the injury.

Sensor child changed in his voice came loudly and clear intonation, figures rearranged economical, volitional movements. Maxim was in wonder and admiration of its hidden, that the hands have created a fascinating story that no comparison is not going to last the desert. When viewed from the side felt hot flashes of excitement, the spirit of hunting where the hunter and the prey can suddenly change places.

A detailed analysis of:

  • Occurrence / vegetation removal - sign increasing customer vitality and mental ability to maintain a balance between excitation and inhibition adequately established conditions.
  • Instill centipede - the desire to protect and preserve their delicate and unusual part of the psyche.
  • Mother-spider and water is located home with maternal sandbox, Spider-Father and Leopard - a social father. Chipmunk thus saved "at home" under the mountain (the symbol of Ouroboros and self).
  • Bonfires - warmth, comfort and acceptance - are located in the area of ​​society, demonstrating clearly a vital need.
  • 'Add water "to the sand means to enter into a direct and profound interaction with the unconscious ... If the client decides to take a container with water and pour it in the sand, it demonstrates the importance of intention. This action is volitional impulse to take the unknown and allow it to operate in the inner world. It is an act of absorption and ultimate act of trust ... This previously unknown aspects of ourselves we are available to research "

    / Barbara Turner.

  • It is also important customer relationship to water. Maxim used it to the best sand and cleansing: ".. the water carries with it the old ways of being that are not appropriate for us, and brings new from remote areas of the Self ... Water sanctifies, washes everything unclean" / B. Turner.
  • Fixed huge figures Zhukov in the super ego sandbox area symbolize perhaps the super-ego of the parent of the psyche and the super-ego of the client, their power and silent presence embody ability to maintain themselves.
  • Leopard - a symbol of the predator konfliktora, the aggressor, this is probably the personification of the teacher's personality.
  • Current desire to Maxim: to stand, to watch, to be in the position of the observer.
  • It is interesting that in some point Leopard was introduced as the protagonist. In fact - it is an antagonist of all heroes.

    At the level of the unconscious client is very afraid of him, "All he (Chipmunk) hid. But if Leopard sees it, he'll have to swim "- fall into the water, in tears, in the sink in the classroom?

    On the level of consciousness Maxim makes a half-hearted attempt to identify him with his Ya It is a known phenomenon that when a child is experiencing the fear itself is identified with the archetype of predators to avoid becoming a victim.

  • chipmunk, as well as Centipede, it subpersonality that the most defenseless in the face of the aggressor. Other sub-personalities are ready to take on security functions - Father-Spider (animus) is going to start hunting beetle accompanies chipmunks in his throwing and protects it, Mother Spider always nearby (though threatened to eat, but then thinks better of it: food is enough, after my father's hunting ), even observing ego (Spider on a hill) rushes into battle, thus demonstrating the power of the experience of the conflict.
  • Spider on Mount - Nablyudayushee client Ego, which is located in the area of ​​maternal and maternal symbol. This is a good sign of a successful relationship with the mother, the ability to dispose of its resources and support. And at the same time is the growth of their own ability to maintain themselves and care. The violent storm, even a good swimmer for some time with his head goes under the water - just behaves and observing ego, descends from the mountain, attacking the aggressor, returned to his post. Unlike the super ego, it does not criticize or condemn, but the ability to evaluate, and bear witness to empathize.
  • Mount reliably separates the house from the society.
  • Water, symbolizing the emotion overwhelms "home side".
  • Spiders together with the father active in society. Spider-Dad watching Leopard (hazards). Spiders, kids take up little space, are kept close to his father - by location in the sandbox is just the angle of family conflicts, experience yourself in them, action in relation to the important men. The behavior of spiders - is an indicator of the internal state, and subsequently it will be different every time.
  • Extinguisher - the need to monitor, though relevant, but still primitive element of fire; perhaps deep fear "burn with shame" or insurance against excessive heat home.
  • Clean and wet lake - a bath "wounds", the act of cleansing the mind, a desire to "start from scratch".
  • The light beam is sent to the relevant symbols: on the chipmunks - it is important to keep it on the Spider-Man of the Father - the awareness of masculinity, it is nice to shed light on their own strength.
  • After the sharp experiences of chipmunks vitality is enhanced sense of relief - somewhere there is a new bush with flowers and transforms into a tent, and even with berries (food for the ego) to the Spider and spiderlings (choose a safe place for the mind) - is now you can hide from the Leopard, he does not see them, but spiders by its perfectly visible through the branches. Observation of Leopard from a safe place.
  • From helplessness to self-mastery. Sandplay-session 3 of 10 Maxim remembers living beetle: "Where disappeared Beetle Bug? This business! ". My intervention: "Are you in a situation and also took gone?". I am getting him to realize that he, too, wanted, and took, and went missing from class. That is, Maxim receives a message that he himself decides to - where he was to be, and where not. He had himself and have free will. responsibility for the return of the "disease". In response, Maxim and pretty smiles knowingly - yes, they say, he has the same business (it turns out).
  • plane - symbolizes the power of the intellect, transfers to higher levels of consciousness, heaven forces are available and work on the immediate needs of the client's psyche is observing ego in action.
  • After Bathing spider (blend emotions relaxation and rest), the appearance of aquarium fish in the water unconscious. Fish - it is a symbol of eternal life, patience, silence. Crocodile attack on the Spider, again the appearance of the serpent (uroboric characters).
  • To the question "what is called a fairy tale?" - the answer is "Crocodile Attack on the Black Spider." This suggests that consciousness is a seven-year customer because of the natural fatigue at the end of the 60-minute session did not have time to understand the whole context of the whole, is fixed at the last bright episode. And as the name can be considered as a symbolization of feelings of parents who empathize and suffer for their child, their psyche is also attacked and "engages in battle with predators."

To be continued.