But your body does not lie

But your body does not lie

"Everybody lies" -

phrase protagonist, Paul Ekman of the prototype of the popular series "Lie to Me".

"I can not believe anybody can." -

Muller unforgettable phrase of the series about "Stirlitz", "17 Moments of Spring."

Is it possible to believe the words? In this way the words that people say (who play the game, according to Eric Berne)?

Do people to speak the truth to themselves, not to speak of others? All lies.

Here, at a reception at the psychologist, it would seem, is another matter. It makes no sense to play hide and seek. With a fright suddenly the client may need to lie, and even myself, "lighten up" and make a good impression? It is not for that, he, the customer, come here, but for quite the opposite. Know yourself, find out what the word "happiness" for him, and not for "aunt Moti". He came to achieve it.

The meaning of pretending?

However, rigid patterns of behavior do not release people from their shells almost never thought ... well, perhaps in a dream.

And maybe that's why the work of deep mental era began with the analysis of dreams?

Night Dream - this is the place and the time when a person is not lying, exactly, does not try to lie to myself, because sometimes the truth scares her "medium", and the timid attempts of its manifestation in their own thoughts and sabotaged filtered consciousness, even at night.

Hence unrealistic nightmares, grotesque and symbolic, they only hint at the truth, which is trying to assert themselves.

The contents of the unconscious breaks through into consciousness, only wearing a mask as a symbol. Otherwise circumvent the strict control of consciousness even in sleep. Control over life and dreams - on the machine, at the level of reflexes.

Everyone lies.

but the body does not lie. It reflects the emotions, the impact of trauma and decisions.


  • Taken after humiliation injuries create a defense? Here's your lifeline instead of waist - to protect.
  • not to release emotions, keeps everything in yourself, in control before whistling in the ears - there's your high blood pressure, as in the locomotive.

Do not lie only a body and emotions are reflected in it. Not lying to you is your shadow. No wonder that the CG Jung said that the Self (psychic center) is much more fond of shadow than ego.

Therefore, in my priority underlying methods of work with the person.

To a depth of "layers" of the psyche are emotions and feelings (the Shadow), as well as automatic reactions and reflexes (the body).

The work done at the "behind the mask", it is associated with decoding of symbols, with the recovery in the memory amnezirovannyh (forgotten) events, with an age regression, with the elimination of the root of the problem, not the symptom.

My job is similar to Ariadne's thread leading out of the dark labyrinth to get lost wanderer. With stories scary stories for "ego" of man about his own "shadow". From modeling and reaching a happy ending of these tales in reality, when "all married" and "ego" interned with the "shadow".

On the dives:

  • in hypnosis;
  • in a non-directional (or guided meditation);
  • in the active imagination (Jung);
  • in the Tarot

have the unique opportunity to go to sleep and awake to meet the unknown himself.

At the level of the body:

  • energy massage,
  • Yoga therapy

It is possible to work out a long time on the "ego" level (of consciousness) equipment behavior in different situations, strengthening and reinforcing its control over life and on their mood and emotional state. Influencing and affecting themselves and the circumstances.

"Run a", "pull yourself together", "save face." And others like them.

Trying to keep the same "person", putting on a mask, the whole body writhes in agony. And all the signs of a struggle ... they were in the body. It is not lying. but the body does not lie. And yet the soul.

Soul their horror, trauma gives to diving.

And the body - in the bodily practices.

A body we "drive" to the masseur, "Soul" - the Cabinet psychologist.

Again this division, dissociation, when even a good massage therapist, trying to harmonize the body, does not include "projections" sore muscles, organs, joints, ligaments on the psyche and vice versa. Psychologist in most areas of psychotherapy work with consciousness.

Magnificent effect gives harmonizing energy massage performed in immersion. It is a pity he is not available to all and not all shown.

In practice, a single compound two "good" parts person gives an effect which is otherwise as "healing" is not called.

Not everyone is ready for such an uncompromising attack on his own "ego". The body is treated separately from the psyche - medicines and psyche - control, coping strategies, and sometimes - as medicines. And the experts that integrate massage techniques and hypnosis (immersion, active imagination) a little.

And your body is compressed together with a ball of nerves and ligaments zadubevshey wants to crack down and relax in a tight ball of muscle. Reset terminals with control.

When you're scared, you criticize - you raise the shoulders, pulling her head. How many vessels clamped, and how long your forced posture? Many "bird landing head" became a habit with the kinks of the cervical vertebra, which has already formed a subluxation, and combined with the pressure that creates this "dam" in the bloodstream.

Masseur straighten your body, and it will be "like brand new" as long as you again start to scold.

The psychologist will teach strategies for behavior, and body fail, having a protective position in which you will be hard to keep the "light" of thought and intention.

It is important to take into account in the treatment of all aspects of your health.

Develop all aspects of your being.

There is a concept synergy - when components of the "cocktail" reinforce each other's actions. I went to a psychologist - and go to the gym, and a massage. I wish you all health and harmony.