From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries. Sandplay-session 7 of 10

Note to readers:

The method of sand therapy is effective in the short time, because in the long term. This article was published with the consent of the client, and is a logical continuation of article "From helplessness to self-mastery. The Chronicles of school injuries in 10 sandplay-sessions. Session 1-2".

In the context of Article insight sand seventh session events can be difficult. Recommended consistent familiarity with the material.

Sandbox number 7

Spiders play hide and seek, the appearance of a skull.

6 stage of Veynribu: the emergence of anima and animus.

The seventh composition was produced in the mood light.

From helplessness to self-mastery. Chronicles of school injuries. Sandplay-session 7 of 10

7.1. Thickets rose for a second! Where not only hid spiders! New characters - and beaded green crocodile and the little lizard looking spider.

Interesting episodes:

  • Hide and Seek - means a desire to be found to be present in the mind of another, because if you are looking for, you need a very mean. At the same time it is an opportunity to find refuge in the various aspects of the psyche: under the stairs, behind a bush, a deer in the neck - a study of their own corners of the soul, the growth of confidence in themselves, a sense of security of the internal space.
  • only one spider eats * grapes, it is "the most intelligent and business", which tells about the need for an individual approach, attention, recognition abilities (must be said that the test results at Maxim really great). Snake also of grapes under the sand climbs (appetite inflamed and conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche).
  • ** Turtles belly up disguised under stones (a sign of trauma, immobility final - if a turtle lay on her back, she could die if she did not help). Even in the bright picture of the world is a place discomfort: a living being, the subject, likened to the inanimate, to the object. Turtles there was a sharp slowdown in the composition, a strange fixation. Maxim asked where I bought them, though before such questions was not about one figure. After the session, it will go with my grandmother to shop for your own bug. It is interesting that the lower part of the shell - the symbol of the earthly world, top - heavenly. It was not in their places, turned inside out. The experiences boy humiliation reflected in the sacred images of helpless animals.

* Grapes - a symbol of wisdom . The vine also symbolizes ecstasy, hospitality, full of life.

** Turtle - the natural order of the world, immortality is a natural evolution, picking up pieces into a coherent whole, represents water, the moon, the Earth Mother, the beginning of creation, immortality, time, fertility, renewal of nature. Turtle often portrayed to keep the peace. It is connected with the beginning of creation, and consider it to be supporting the whole world. China believed that it has predictive power. Alchemists turtle symbolizes the massa confusa (disorder). The Indians of America Cosmic Tree growing from the back of a turtle.

The Chinese turtle - one of the four spiritual creatures gifted along with the dragon, phoenix and Jilin; symbolizes the water element, yin, winter, northern areas, the black color of the original chaos. Indians have a turtle - Kasyara, North Star, the first living creature, the progenitor avatar of Vishnu Guardian. The lower part of the shell - the symbol of the earthly world, top - heavenly. Turtle supports the elephant on the back of which the world rests, while the elephant - the embodiment of masculinity, and a turtle - female; Together they symbolize the two generator start. The result: all the spiders in turn find! Tortoise turned on his stomach.

Maxim very pleased.


We can observe and enjoy a safe life after defeating internal barriers injury. Comes a fascinating study of the psyche provisions, the mastery of its own resources. And dark and light shapes - in the community. Many of the vital energy. Turtle - a new archetypal hero, the embodiment of femininity, Water, Moon, Mother, Anima. She knows how to pretend to be a rock, wondering how it could be dangerous for her the most, and for other things - because of ancient traditions on it rests the whole world (the soul). At the end of the story it acquires its natural position. This tale represents the period of restoration, recreation, games, peace after the war, saturation, energy flows.