Financial success is the mother's face

The woman and the financial success of - the theme is not just difficult, most versatile.

Working with a client on the question of material well-being, it is necessary to seek the roots in the relationship with his mother, to raise issues of trust, security, self-esteem and the ability to obtain wealth and survival.

The new generation may seem surprising, but in the 19th century, "go to work" for a woman considered a disgrace, and only a few decades ago, in the age of 20, a career and high earnings were the prerogative of the male part of society. Even such an argument there, why promote against the employee with a child, if it is the matter goes to the hospital, why take the young, if go on maternity leave?

Most often, a woman after marriage is related to the need to take care of children. But the situation is gradually changing, and today men take sick leave for care of children and even make out the maternity leave - if the wife earns more.

Power and helplessness mother

Whatever it was, but our society is still largely patriarchal, where women are dependent on men. So far, it is believed that a man should earn more and support his family.

Often these stereotypes are destroying families where the woman managed to reach a high level of income. Fear of losing the relationship with her husband, the woman refuses to income careers and other opportunities to increase their income. There is a child on the one hand, the mother raises the absolute height of power, since it is not able to survive without it. But on the other hand, it devalues ​​women, excluding it from the life of society. And if the child - a girl is growing up, it can begin to identify with her mother and ashamed of his financial success, successful career, which has been deprived of a mother forced to devote themselves to caring for their families.

Often grown daughters are well aware of, though not always ready to admit the envy of the mother. To isolate the problem, they deliberately ignore the successes, career sabotage or just can not afford to aspire to something more.

And it laid this "time bomb" in his childhood, when the girl as they grow up feeling emotionally drained growing mother, and she thinks that this is it reason that her mother was forced to put up with his helplessness. But it is not so! This pain was laid in a woman long before daughter appeared in her life, but, worst of all, it is able to pass it on to the next generation, and so on ad infinitum ...

The causes and consequences

Alas, very often mothers tend to blame the children in its financial insolvency. Some plain text ( "I had a brilliant career, but I refused it for the family, for you!"), Some silently but emphatically made it clear that they have to deny themselves in many ways, spending money for the needs of her daughter.

And to do this is something very difficult because it has to deal with the problem not the daughter and her mother. She must find the strength to survive the pain inherent in childhood and become a new person. daughter career destruction will not cure, but a psychologist have handy, as maternal jealousy is fully capable to start a chain reaction, forcing the daughter to project over the life of the mother. Make a difference at first glance easy, but with little or no professional assistance is not possible, because:

  • no matter how wanted a child, he could not save them from the pain of unrealized his mother;
  • the most important person - my mother, took his daughter to the cause of their problems and reflexively tried to get rid of it as a source of difficulties was often cruel and did not realize that this perception is mistaken;
  • and the daughter saw the mother suffering from loneliness and unrealized potential, and, though not aware of the reason it broke her heart;
  • Daughter got used to consider himself guilty in a failed mother's career;
  • is very difficult in this situation to explain to my mother that the financial, career and personal successes daughter - it's part of life, rather than the desire to prove the failure of the mother and injure her pride.

As a result - the inability to love his inner "I". And the ability to accept and endure the pain - it is just a manifestation of love is to her first, but this is an important step to taking care of your inner world. Mourn pain opens the way to freedom, and monetary and material as well.

How do I decide to beat my mother

In many books you can read the phrase, "the student has surpassed the teacher" - this is normal, including evidence of the success of the teacher held, which was able to bring a better master. But in a relationship with the mother of this logic it is somehow works not always. Sometimes required remarkable strength of will to surpass the mother not only in financial, career, social progress, but also in terms of personal development.

Improve awareness, kindness, understanding, creating results, regardless of the children's injuries - that's what it means to be a mature person. Growing up, many girls are child's pain rejection of the mother as the shackles. Every step towards success and financial well-being is given with incredible difficulty. To escape, you must accept and endure the pain. But entering a new level of development does not mean that the mother understand and accept my daughter. The matter is further complicated by the behavior of the mother: often feeling envy of her daughter, even unconsciously, it seeks to completely control the situation, criticizing the spending behavior, often contradicts itself. A daughter gets into a psychological trap, believing that if she remained "a little girl", it will allow mom to realize their feelings and finally fall in love with her daughter. However, this will never happen, the situation will only get worse over the years, and the suffering caused by the already mutual psychological torment, to accumulate.

The fight and love

We often hear: "for a place in the sun have to fight." And if the financial health of the daughter of the mother superior, it is perceived as being unfair, so children often prefer to hide their true financial position or struggling to help my mother, sometimes giving their money to the detriment of their interests.

However, the material income is not connected with the emotional intensity of relations, because real wealth - it is inside. Achieve harmony alone, experiencing external pressure of circumstances and loved ones, it is very difficult. Therefore, a psychologist is needed. A real salvation for many may be the course "Harmonious personality", which is suitable and mothers and daughters, as keen to work with the inner "I".

Overcoming the pain, we achieve true harmony between the outer and inner world, discover hidden talents and the ability to obtain power for the realization of opportunities. First, the soul, and gradually the whole of life becomes filled with light, meaning, if we have access to the internal power source. And the more completely comprehend ourselves, gain inner wealth, the wider open door external prosperity, because the lack of financial freedom - is not a disease itself, but its symptoms, which disappear after the healing of the very maternal injury. The only way to achieve inner freedom and sense of security that could make a woman as a leader. Having a program will not need to oppose itself to the most important person in my life. Gradually, in the minds of developing certain new entity - "inner mother", ready to care for and love yourself and loved ones, and most importantly - feel let internal security. Stop being afraid to lose the vital foundation, we can finally immerse themselves in the study of new prospects, start to dream and realize their dreams in life.