Health, food and processed foods

Health, food and processed foods

No talk of improving eating habits and the love of your body should not go without mention of the food industry, which by hook or by crook introduces into our lives unsafe products.

And "unsafe" does not mean that you are poisoned. Just your body will grow old, get sick, be sluggish, and all this - much earlier than the physiological norm.

Today, little has anyone surprised by the "magic" food that had been stored for years without losing its kind. Also, few people are surprised quite a chemical taste of food.

In this article I would like to talk about the phenomenon of modern life as "processed foods".

To begin, note:

food processing deep held, as a result of which removed some substances and others appeared, called recycled.

In the context of a healthy diet, you can hear the phrase:

If your grandmother did not consider that a meal - do not eat it.

Judge for yourself: our kitchen is often stored such products from which our ancestors would be horrified. "Useful" breakfast consisting of nearly only one sugar, a strange mixture turned into nuggets, sausages made from jelly-like mass ... If we over eat raw food, with own transformation into delicious meals, we increase the chances of living a long and healthy life.

Of course, recycling processing - discord. Sometimes gentle processing without affecting the properties of the product. For example, if you fry the nuts (or buy already roasted), especially without the use of oil, you can safely assume that harm from such a process will not be.

But if you like to lean on store sauces, semi-finished dishes (meat dumplings, hot dogs, sausages) and other invention of the modern food industry, you can be sure that it all went ruthless, often pernicious processing in the production process.

Think about just how often you eat sausage? A sausage? I do not whether you think that the "meat" really means "meat" in the composition of these products? A parboiled rice? A refined sugar? Candy, cookies, sauces, preserves, crab sticks, a variety of snacks, jam, dumplings, packaged salads, smoked ...

All of these products - "fake" food, food-deception. Worst of all, too frequent use of such food leads to many troubles with health, obesity (but please do not confuse it with a couple of extra kilos!) To diabetes type 2. But manufacturers are rejoicing! That's right, because by depending on the product ( as well as you thought, is called the phenomenon that without mayonnaise you salad "tasteless", but without sugar - tea "is not the" ) can not worry about profit. People will be looking for your favorite products without even thinking, why they do it.

Moreover, with so many food additives little natural may be compared. And even if a person tries to eat more "right", then the food it will seem fresh, and he, not having waited for enough time to recover receptors, return to old habits. Unfortunately.

In the next article I plan to make out the details, why processed foods harm us, and why we can not expect that your food "itself" somehow get better.