How to count eaten by and not get fat

How to count eaten by and not get fat

The people who once faced with the concept of dieting, be sure to have heard of caloric intake.

And that scares many wanting to do the normalization of its supply- is a need counting calories.

Of course, in practice, when it becomes a habit, it is not such a difficult task. However, "for the lazy" there's an easier, and not less precise way.

We consider calories and wrong ... From counting calories There are some problems, unfortunately. It is the human factor (a mistake in weighing / arithmetic operations), found not the caloric table, forgot to write down something in a food diary ... And finally, do not wear the same with you everywhere scales!

Moreover, if we are faced with such difficulties, mistakes, and do not see the results, then we will tend to revert to old habits.

What could be simpler? does not follow from the preceding paragraph, that all is lost. In fact, to understand how much and what you eat, it is very simple. The method, which I'll tell you the most individualized and literally depends on the individual sizes. Rather, the size of his hand.


  • size of your palm, how much protein you need;
  • the size of your fist, how many vegetables you need;
  • a handful of your size, how many carbohydrates you need;
  • and finally the thumb of that size, how much fat you need.
How to count eaten by and not get fat

That's it. Of course, this is not a "magic diet". But, as it turned out in the study, almost all This approach works.

So far as I have? With some refinements fit such a scheme:

Please note that less than your weight or lower your physical activity, the closer you are to the lower boundary of the figures. And it is also assumed that you eat varied and will not be a cheat (for example, to cut a portion of the protein to eat more fat).

Flexibility to help. Of course, as with any other power circuit, that described here - only a starting point. No need to fanatically follow these or other regulations. Observe yourself. Adjust something on the go. But do not go on about their own emotions or assumptions (from a client for example, I heard that this is too small for her, as it seems, and she ate more than prompted her hand. Naturally, as a result of women gain weight) . Be flexible. Keep track of the results and compare, if they fit your purpose. Lose weight should not be difficult. Gradually, you will be closer to the desired. But do not expect too much as the easy way out. As with any change, change in body weight should be done with some effort on your part. You do not "customer" of the ideal body, you are the creator!

Probably the first time you will be so unusual to eat, and you will feel more hungry than usual. This is normal. Again, you will gradually become easier, you adapt. But check periodically, if you are not too hard on yourself.

individualizing approach.

  • If your goal - weight gain, and if you - an active person, simply add a handful of carbs or fat finger to the numbers indicated in the table.
  • If your activity is low, but I want to lose weight - remove (at least) a handful of carbs, or (at least) a finger of fat per day.

In an ideal add activity, even if daily walks.