Problems of processed foods

In my article "Health, food and processed foods," I have raised this issue. At this time I would like to find out why ruthless recycling process harms and why it is better for the maximum refuse such food.

The problem 1. Without fiber

Dietary fiber (fiber), which are removed from the product manufacturers, are very necessary for our body. Fiber - is the power of beneficial bacteria, it helps insulin do not rise dramatically affect the good digestion. But at the same time prevents gives the product an attractive (read: stimulating purchase) appearance. And because of the treatment we do not get even half of the required fiber.

Issue 2 "invisible" calories

Food that literally slips inside, not allowing our brain to realize that calories received enough. And we still feel hungry. and eat more and more, and more ... In this case, our metabolism is disturbed, the waist becomes wider, go bad health. But we want to repeat. After all, "invisible" food is so tasty! ..

the Problem 3. Lack of Omega-3 These essential fatty acids our body completely unloved manufacturers, because, while in the foods they lead to rancid very quickly. It becomes almost unreal to create something awesome (too long) shelf life. And it is not profitable.

In this Omega-3 - a very important fighter with inflammation in the body, which, incidentally, are often triggered by just recycled products.

Issue 4: Omega-6 Too much

Omega-6 allows the goods stored longer. And it is - just a cheap ingredient. But such acids provoke inflammation. Of course, Omega-6, too, should be in the diet. But not in a ratio of 30 to 1 (omega-6 - 30) and 1: 1 or 1: 2.

Issue 5 trans excess

Omega-6 oil enriched with hydrogen, and the so-obtained dense fats affecting product texture, impart an attractive shape. These substances on the label are hiding behind the name "partially hydrogenated oil" is simply - trans fats (but the word of something frightening and so nobody writes!).

The body can not break down this substance. They lead to inflammation, excess fat on the hips and cover an arterial lumen. Issue 6. Salts much - little iodine

It would seem, what's the difference, what and how much salt to use? But we forget that, first, in salt have lethal dose. Secondly, each gram of salt retains about half a cup of liquid in the body, we swell, and as a result, feel bad.

But the main problemav that manufacturers of processed foods used ordinary salt instead of iodized. But this is the main (and almost only) source of iodine for our body. If iodine is not enough, our metabolism is disrupted, and the thyroid gland may begin to grow.

What to do with all this?

It's simple: think of when choosing processed foods. All the same, a complete rejection of all these products in our time is unreal. But you can definitely significantly reduce the processing consumption in the everyday menu.

And your body will respond in due course you will be greatly appreciated!