Our environment and weight - is there a relationship?

Our environment and weight - is there a relationship?

The development of mankind took place in the society.

There have always been small groups in which it was easier to survive.

We always had each other support, learn to recognize the different signals from the relatives of: speech, facial expressions, emotions. It lives in groups gave us a chance to survive as a species. And those who for some reason turned out to be outside the group to survive often could not.

Aside, we are not left on the distant distance, because it is directly threatened our security. The man, of course, wanted to survive. And that desire has survived to this day. Just take a few different forms. Among friends (or others) will soon try to be accepted that have modern equivalent survival.

While we deliberately do not touch the story of the pioneers in various fields. They were forced to go it alone in the way of accomplishments. Though, probably, and they sought to enlist someone's support.

So, for example, , you "pioneer" on the way to a healthy lifestyle. You have already learned a lot of articles on the topic of proper nutrition, longer walk, maybe even go to the gym. And now the dream that the people who are important to you, too, will join you.

Of course, you do not care about their lives. Of course, you love them.

But also (and about it is important not to forget) you need their support. After any changes easier to do with someone else! And this is perfectly normal, as has become clear from the above.

In addition, you subconsciously realize that habits affect your loved ones and also to you. Who among us has not encountered a situation where a new diet and strives to remain only in the fantasies of vkusnyuschego mayonnaise salad, lovingly prepared by my mother?

In this area we have been many studies that have shown the relationship of our environment and our weight.

What can we say modern research?

  • There is a relationship of your weight and weight close. If your friend, loved one, mother, father, brothers / sisters have any stage of obesity, then you have a huge chance to set kilograms.
  • The people of your same gender affect more. If a woman has a full relationship, it increases the probability to recover. Accordingly, the full affects each men as well.
  • Changes in weight - unconscious. We can not even notice how I was, gaining fat. And all in order to better comply with their social group. At the same time discussing weight and power, or to think about it is not necessarily the group.
  • The more neighbor is eating on the table, the more we eat. You can not even notice. Reasons - the same. We even can "join" to strangers.
  • The more people who use the food is at the table, the more we eat, and. And you wonder why abundant feasts lead to overeating?
  • Social networks are affected. If the news section of our friends flash photo of healthy eating, then we will try to follow the same preference. If a lot of harmful - of course, vice versa.
  • When we are alone, you still rely on society. If our environment is "normal" to eat a certain way, we unconsciously imitate it. The same can be said about fiznagruzki.

As we can see, the influence of the environment on our weight is not too small. And now, knowing these relationships, we can apply creativity and embed them into your weight loss program. And to achieve the best results!

And the main thing:

You are fully capable to achieve their goals, not refusing to communicate with family and friends.