Three steps in dealing with anxiety and fear

Three steps in dealing with anxiety and fear

If you choose to deal with excessive anxiety and fears, complicating your life, then sure - sooner or later you will cope with this task!

You want to pay attention to what it takes to start such work ...

I often hear the question: "Tell me, how to overcome fear forever?", "How to stop being afraid at all?". If you answer them as briefly, it turns out: "No!".

Because the fear - is necessary for human survival emotion, it is not in dangerous situations in young children and the mentally retarded or insane people. So, if you plan to stay mentally healthy person full - do not expect to get rid of fear at all.

Another thing, when you want to learn how to live so that fear has ceased to complicate life, block and bind his hands and feet.

How to be brave enough to desire to evolve and go beyond their limits were more than the desire to stay safe? Now that's a real challenge for her and offer to talk.

The first step - non-judgmental attitude.

The mistake that we often assume - is a willingness to deal with fear as our worst enemies. Remember, if it brings you success? Typically, the more attention we direct to the fight against terror, the more it paralyzes or makes a fuss, make stupid mistakes. The more we try to stop shaking, the stronger it is. What do you do with him? To start - stop to evaluate. Afraid = neither good nor bad, but of course, it's just an emotion that you want to live, if it has already occurred.

Much more profitable to treat fear not as an enemy, but as his strength, his powerful weapon, which is given to support and save you in difficult situations. Yes, this force can deliver you a lot of hassle, but only as long as you do not take it into account, ignore or reject, until you learn to wield these weapons!

To summarize:

First - fear does not have to fight, it is useless, it is better to meet him, and agree to cooperate.

The second step - research.

Fear - the flip side of aggression, we can say its polarity. The more of your energy you expend on purpose, do not start up in business (in reference to people in specific action) - the more this energy will work against you in the form of general anxiety or in the form of specific fear of something.

Like any other emotion, fear can learn to adjust - to reduce or increase the intensity of the experience, to remove excess stress in the body. It can be practiced out of the stupor or fuss with other emotions, such as angry, curious, feel all the serenity and grandeur of this world or a little crushing themselves a sense of duty.

For each person there exists a set of these "switches", you just begin to explore himself. It is as seen under a microscope all, what frightening and how it manifests itself in the behavior; in what situations, what helps and what hinders coping with emotions. For example, now make a list of everything that you are no longer afraid, and remember how you came to this? I am sure that will find in the arsenal of at least a couple of reliable, proven practice ways to deal with excessive anxiety. Take them with you in the future work!

The third step - practical training.

Another common error in work with fear - when we do overcome the very purpose. It automatically starts our inner resistance and makes the job indefinitely, much tedious and most importantly - it is useless.

Of course, developing courage and confidence, you should regularly make efforts to leave the comfort zone and meet with us frightening situations. Only this can enable us to accumulate the habit and successful experience. But! Before you start moving to the frightening, before and learn to tame your own answer to your question: for the sake of something to do all this?

It's like a fight with a bad habit - someone struggling with it for decades, and in the best case comes to what? To her lack = zero! It is much more efficient to spend time on the formation of the other healthy habits, but better than one, but several, they eventually crowd out harmful and simultaneously make your life better.

So, practice:

locate and write down everything that you want in life, like that, that you really valuable, what you can not remain indifferent, it's nice to have touches or inspires. Make a list of all hochushek - big and small! Then choose from this list the items you realize that your anxiety interfere or specific fears, write them on a separate sheet on the wall, or better still in the diary. Consider your individual training program to work with fears ready!

It remains to garner additional support in the face of friends, colleagues or fellow desires. Psychologist, by the way, can also be a support. Together is easier to overcome the "failures" and stay on the path to your goals.

Let's sum up.

  • so that fear and anxiety ceased to complicate your life, you must look at them calmly, without unnecessary assessments and global conclusions.
  • Then - explore all the features of their display at home.
  • And then, step by step to implement their desires, taming and mastering the forces.

Let you will succeed. Wins and new personal records you!