Why do I feel good with you, even though you do not even like me ?!

The passage of time and life experience within us is an image of a man or woman, we want to see as a life partner.

Someone we like, someone like us, this may even get a decent relationship.

People meet and break up for various reasons and circumstances, even if, for objective reasons, they are very suited to each other.

But it happens that there might be a man who for many objective reasons does not suit us, but somehow we with that particular person very well. We will understand more.

1. A person can arouse our various strong feelings, not always positive and pleasant.

If the person makes you a strong reaction, it definitely means something, even if the first reaction to it (her) - irritation and indignation.

Here you sit yourself, not bothering anyone, nothing new plan, the whole environment is clear and familiar, and then someone says a phrase - and you want to be indignant, indignant, or even angry. Long spoken phrase keeps you in the head and all the way you can not calm down at the memory of these words.

Then you can even analyze what is it about these words and what you could ruffle. Of course, you will find some suitable reasons to conclude that the reaction had something to do with the events of the past, but this is easier to you to be with this person will not. 2. an incredible attraction.

If later you will be able to communicate with that person (it will be required), the communication seem not be so unpleasant. Most likely, you are comfortable to talk and have a good time together. Your relationship to the person will change dramatically, and you will notice that there is no specific reason for irritation.

I can even say that you feel to the person incredible attraction and you want to continue to communicate further, in spite of the circumstances and reasons. Without realizing it, you can begin to socialize closer. It is important not to look for reasons and explanations, so you can only complicate communication or negate it.

3. It can be a strong sexual attraction.

What is happening between you, may cause a strong sexual attraction and desire. In this case, without this in any way, because the energy of the attraction between you need a place. Finds or does not find out that energy - it is, of course, the question of mutual consent and life circumstances. After all, you are such a turn of events is not exactly planned. But it can get really good sex.

4. This person does not meet any more or less suitable image in your head and heart.

You look at these a man or a woman and wondering, what you could bring this person. Behavior, appearance, style of dress and activities, experiences and settings can be quite different, but that's the difficulty, and of particular interest. Externally, it can absolutely not your type, not just subjectively and even objectively. You can have a completely different areas of interest, but listening to the stories of hope, and how that person relates to a favorite cause, says about it - all the calls you have genuine interest. You want to hear about it, listen and ask how inquisitive first-grader.

5. Well, when two of them together well.

You doubt and constantly wondering why this man you well. It is important to take the time, problems will arise - that's life, but with this particular person, try to relax, because you still are not able to control what happens between you. It is just fine, without any "for" and "against", and this time it is important to assign and enjoy it. The answer is there himself, when both of you are ready for it.

This man or woman can not meet your expectations,

But if you feel lucky there,

may be born out of this present feeling. But it is worth the risk!