Be the best or script "Until ..."

The essence of the life script "Until ..." can be expressed in one sentence:

Something good will not start until the end of something less good.

Not yet carried out 12 labors of Hercules, you can not afford what you want.

Hence, there are attempts to do several things at once, or to say anything that comes to mind, rather than a key and important.

The scenario takes place in the whole period of life, and in all her short intervals.

The main driver for the scenario "until ..." - is "Be the best! ".

The driver - a structural kontrstsenary not OKeyny. Which means that the child's parent is evaluated negatively, and the child agrees.

And then parent puts a condition (the driver), the performance of which will be considered the child's OK (in order), and may issue a portion of their approval and love.

At least, he promises.

Attitude "with you that something is not right, I do not like you, you're not, go away, get lost, you'd better not" - is transmitted most often non-verbal.

But the terms on which are ready to accept and allow to remain in the life - is in words, verbally.

  • Parent: you are OK only if you do everything correctly, without errors!
  • to Child: until I do everything right, I can not finish and relax!
  • Parent: Yes, you can allow yourself to something, but when you're perfect! And while you're not perfect - it works! Suffer! Be patient! Discipline yourself! Perfection!

    * Lyricist (VO): oh, yyyyooo! And how can not escape or beat divides this Krokoditelya? Child: Put the paw! Copyright! This is my father! He is the best! Perfect! Right!

zarisovochka illustration


- What felt like Hercules when cut off the last head Lerna Hydra? - Gregory looked up from his coffee cup and looked at her friend.

- And this is what the account feat? Fifth? Or sixth? - Lena continued to explore the menu in an attempt to find something unknown and previously untested it. - I rejoiced, perhaps, that even a little bit, and Kings. In the sense of God, or that there will be at the finish he was threatened?

- the demigods, provided that he fulfills the twelve unrealistic tasks Eurystheus, if you follow the traditionally accepted, and the most popular version of the myth. And this is the second achievement.

- Well, yes ... and you wanted to say? - From experience she knew that it was important to resist and not to ask clarifying questions about some small change. Something like, "What the first feat." Then she will lecture about Hercules, detailed and accurate, instead of talking about what is really bothering her friend.

- I crust came yesterday. Now I'm officially PhD.

- And ?! And why do not we wash? We sit here as children, kofy drink!

- Because I have absolutely not happy that ... I think that has not yet reached the necessary level of theoretical competence, confirmed accordingly, can not afford to relax. But now ... I defended my candidate and he understood that this is only a step, and it is too early to rejoice and relax. And now, although formally there is a reason ... - he continued to talk with coffee, as if hoping to get a response even there. - Wait. You said that you were appointed head when you defended? So what? Appointed? Although I do not understand how it is connected! This makes no sense. You're a surgeon, why these scientific things. I mean, oh, I'm sorry, that's cool and all, but ... - she almost caught in his own thoughts, but Gregory came to her rescue. As always.

- We have an elite clinic. Expensive and prestigious. It employs the best doctors. Of course, we must master the latest techniques. And while this can be achieved only by combining and practical side, and scientific. Besides, I have not had time to get a specialization may be the reason. I understand that while trust me to head the department in the hospital of this level sooner.

- What do you mean ?! Everyone knows that you're the best! Mr. Perfect, and so on ...

He smiled, a few minutes relaxing slightly. Lena knew that if we do not switch its attention, it will hear a long and detailed analysis of the shortcomings and the things that he had to be worked out. So she quickly blurted out the first thing that came to mind:

- Maybe you have depression? Or burnout? Perhaps of a specialist?

- I've thought about it. Unfortunately, I did not find enough of a professional psychologist. On closer inspection none of them does not hold water. I do not understand how people allow themselves to practice until they reach at least as something acceptable level!

- Like this?

- I watched about four profiles. Analyzed the university, specialization, work experience, opinion articles, consultations examples, public statements, have not yet figured out the rating system and the degree of its authenticity ... - So what?! That's right-it's not all fit in? - Lena in awe looking at him, forgetting about the menu and try to choose something special.


Their dinner ended. The waiter brought the bill. Lena sadly wondered why she always so?

She wanted to try out a new unusual dish, and as a result eat banal omelet, which selected one for her. Since, in his view, it was the best dish of the proposed menu and correspond to her wishes "something tasty and very quickly!".

They talked about the personal lives of each other. She complained that once again proved to be in a relationship with an authoritarian man. And I do not know what to do next. Why is it always someone decides for it?

He shared that is not yet ready to make a serious step and make a proposal to his girlfriend, although long dreamed about it and thinks in detail the process. Mortgage until it paid not completely, and he is not ready for a hundred percent become a great father and to guarantee their fidelity in marriage, and without it the family does not make sense.

Lena decided that its current is much better. Resolute. And he would not, as Gregory, five years makes a girl to wait until it all becomes sufficiently suitable.


He is insanely tired today. On the morning of the two operations. Bypass patients. A careful analysis of each case. Planning session.

Then he gave two lectures on specialization in the new program for gifted students.


Dinner only friend.

Hike to an interesting play with the girl. Take her home. And now he could not afford to lie down and sleep, because what is he an elite surgeon, if the house is the third day wiped the dust?

Reflecting that hire someone who has enough quality makes the cleaning, he was not able to, and that marriage in the hope that his wife will be carefully dusting - cynical and unworthy, and that is whether this obsession with cleanliness for men acceptable if he was a surgeon, or is it a manifestation of neurosis, Gregory began cleaning ...

From a trip to the kebabs with a new colleague, anesthesiologist have to explicitly give up until he is not correctly organize your day and do not have time to do everything you need, but also to relax.

Perhaps, you should still read about time management, and the best English-language information until it is ... become perfect enough to get the approval of his father. Confession. Resolution just to live!