World Blind. Dive into the darkness.

World Blind. Dive into the darkness.

Since childhood, I have referred to all the children and people as equals, not noticing their "defects".

My friends were like normal children and children with cerebral palsy, skin defects and deaf-mute.

But there was never blind (blind) friends.

I do not know how the world looks like a blind man, that they do feel like learning to read, write, and walk the streets, to use public transport. But I always wanted to learn it and to communicate with these people since I onlooker and the experimenter.

A year ago, in searching for a tandem partner and I could not imagine that purchasing this experience. When corresponding girl Tanya seemed very intelligent, well-read and speak two foreign languages. Correspondence with her was very easy and fun. In discussing the details of my meeting tomorrow with her, I learned that all the time communicate with the blind man.

At that moment, I think I experienced a variety of emotions, which have not experienced. Tanya asked me to meet her at the subway station where we go for a walk. And our meeting place.

Tanya - a pretty woman 40 years old, of medium height, tastefully dressed. It really is a smart, smart, well-read, and quite independent woman, which is surrounded by a large number of friends. But inside Tanya leaving offended by the whole world a child who wants to protect and support.

She asked me a lot of what I see, and asked to describe. And then-then I worked my stupor - how to describe Tanya color ink: gray house, a green leaf, white boat sailing !!! I even for a moment closed her eyes, but she saw complete darkness, as the sun was shining my eyes. Apparently, Tanya realized my condition and said: "Tell me what you see, but do not call them the colors I had never seen and did not know what they look like, but I can present them to taste the fruit or vegetable.".

"How's that?" - I asked.

"Very simple !, - said Tanya -. In the books I read, what color are different fruits and tried their example, I know that tomato has to be red, but since I do not see him, the red color I associate. tasteful tomato If I fruit or vegetable is not like it -. so I do not like, and color. "

Her words were taken, but the brain can not understand how it is ... I could not feel it. We met with Tanya several times and corresponded, but then it gradually ceased.

At this point I did not stop. I would like to fully understand what a man feels, plunged into total darkness. Chance fell. My husband took me to the restaurant "In the Dark", where the waiters are working blind people, where a person is immersed in the world of the blind.

At the entrance to the restaurant at the cashier near the wardrobe sighted woman seated - the restaurant owner. She explained to us all the rules and said that they have a fixed menu, but what it is - is not explained. Asked only to remember the taste of food, and at the exit to tell about it.

After that, a blind waiter came up to us. He asked us to turn off mobile phones, remove all the glowing objects (watches, earrings, chains, rings), and to hold on to his shoulder (respectively coming from behind must hold on to the previous shoulder). The door opened, and we started to slowly descend the stairs into the darkness, into the unknown. My first feeling: eyes wide looking for the light, and does not find it, the hand begins to tightly compress the shoulder waiter slight panic. When we got to our table, I realized that there are people around me, but I do not see them. fumble method found her husband's arm and felt a little better.

But the tension has risen again, when sitting next to me she began to hysteria, she stuffy and she can not breathe. As a result, it was taken, and we quietly continued our unusual dinner. I caught myself on the fact that the eyes of all the time trying to look for the source of light.

At the end of dinner, we went upstairs and describe all the sensations (by the way, the food was very tasty!). It turned out that we have no dishes have not guessed.

I'd like to go back there again?

I think, yes! Maybe this time I at least one course will be able to guess and to fully understand the feelings Thani.

In the end, I would say:

to understand the man is unlike you,

try to spend at least one hour, lost in his world.

And maybe this understanding will help you become kinder and more attentive to these people!