What are the resources and where to get them?

What are the resources and where to get them?

Resources - is a force, energy, information and assistance.

This is all that gives strength and helps to cope with difficult situations, fears, new unusual things, uncertainty.

Status resource shortage is characterized: - a sense of fatigue, apathy, laziness, sadness, anxiety;

- reluctance to change something, to go beyond the usual behavior;

- lack of faith in their own strength, self-doubt;

- desire to postpone;

- Fear (eg, it will not work, fear of change);

- a sense of dissatisfaction with what man does, and on the results obtained;

- the loss of time is constantly distracted when performing important work;

- a sense of disappointment in yourself or the situation.

There are many ways to "extract" resources. Let us briefly consider each of them.

1. Finding information.

Sometimes we are afraid to start something to do, start a new project, are facing difficulties in solving life problems due to the fact that we do not have enough information or experience. It would be nice to notice this deficiency. And contact the sources to compensate for his opportunity.

The source of information may be the Internet, to communicate with people who are already engaged in this, seeking advice from a specialist, books (including the special literature), newspapers and magazines on the topic, attending seminars.

2. Communication as a source of emotional support.

Emotional support is different - it may be sympathy, faith in you, Encouraged by the recognition of your strengths and success, just being able to be with someone close, when it is difficult, advice. Sometimes it is important to simply say to the other person that you trust your feelings and doubts - and feel better. Such support can be found among relatives, friends, colleagues. It can also help the psychologist, a coach, an expert hotline psychological helpline.

3. Favorite thing hobby work.

Favorite activity helps to switch, brings pleasure, and thus helps to be filled with positive emotions, inspiration. Creativity has a powerful psychological effect, it helps to cope with unpleasant emotions. In the work, you can express your feelings and thus get rid of them. You can feel better on the process of creating something new, an opportunity to express themselves.

4. Rest.

It may just be a dream, a walk, a trip into the countryside. Rest helps to restore the physical condition, promotes relaxation and thus improves the mood.

5. Physical activity and sport.

Due to the physical activity we restore power, feel fresher physically, and this affects the emotional well-being. Furthermore, light exercise promotes relaxation after workout. A relaxation of the physical causes pleasurable sensations, pleasure, that we need to fill the energy.

6. The solution, which "picks up" energy.

No problem - there is no experience, no sense wasting mental strength. You can exhale and relax.

7. Communicating with animals.

Pets cause tenderness, warmth, enthusiasm, laughter, peace ... The list goes on and on. Communicating with pets improves mood, and therefore, increases our energy. 8. Building on the experience and past achievements.

In a difficult situation, you can recall your past successes, the situation when you have coped with the task.

  • Think about what you have strengths to cope with the task now?
  • What are the useful skills, some experience in this business you have?
  • What you have knowledge that can help sort out the situation?
  • Who can help you in this situation?

The answers to these questions will help to rely on yourself and find the weak spots that need to be filled. I mean the knowledge, experience, skills, the need for the help of others.

9. Water treatments.

This can be a visit to a bath, swimming pool, swimming in the river, bathing, washing, bath for hands and feet, shower. The water helps to relax, cleanse the body. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. Washing with cold water contributes to the feeling of freshness and helps to buck up, to feel cheerful. Warm water promotes relaxation. Improving physical health brings positive emotions. And this is what we need.

10. Adventures.

When we get a new experience, do something simple and interesting, it helps to distract from the routine, shake things up, to be filled with enthusiasm. Adventure - it's not necessarily something long. It can be a walk through unfamiliar streets, riding the carousel, change of image, a visit to the fascinating master class.

11. Working with a psychologist.

Sometimes a feeling of helplessness, lack of energy associated with the past traumatic experiences a person with past failures, failures, "pain points". When this is the case, meeting with echoes of past pain, people spend much more energy in certain situations than others. And often it needs energy replenishment. Psychologist, as an expert, is able to meet different emotions and to maintain them, then do not know how our family and friends. At a reception at the psychologist can relive their painful feelings and to share them with another person.

Every adult person has, intuitively found ways to replenish their energy. Nice to have collected "resource base" in man: friends, good relationships with loved ones, favorite activity, it is involved in sports, is able to extract the desired information, and does not hesitate to seek the help of professionals who value their achievements.

When all this is, in case of shortage, you can quickly restore their resources in different ways. When a person has a little ways to recover resources that it needs more time to recover strength and energy.

If any of the ways listed in the article, you do not use, I suggest you try their "taste".

And if you know more ways that I did not write, please share!

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