How to find your destination? And whether it is necessary to look for it ...

Perhaps this is one of the most popular topics discussed on the internet, in books and various psychological articles. Most often recommended to make a list of what to do like, sometimes even recommend "explore" past lives - to understand in this life than you are destined to do.

But no one says, why Purpose need seek. Why is everything so hard, and our destination for us for some reason hidden.

In a global sense:

Purpose - is to live joyfully and happily his life.

The more individual:

Purpose - is the action to be possible to disclose the human predisposition, to make him happy, and to bring him and the people around the benefits and blessings.

In fact, , we know deep down what we want to. And we know what we do, that we are good. Question - why we do not do or do not allow ourselves to do. Do not let happiness, self-fulfillment, success. And in these causes that create this thing, "not allowing themselves", we try to figure out right now.

In fact, to seek his destiny is not necessary. In fact, each of us knows it.

And we forget about it, because in our lives occur traumatic events. And in the human energy system creates blocks, bundles of energy, disrupts the natural flow of life energy.

As our bodies get stuck feeling (pain, injustice, resentment, fear and other negative emotions), and they like the weight on the legs, which are finding it difficult to move through life and even more so to change something. Because in trauma are a huge amount of energy, this is your potential, which was stuck in the events of the past. You can say that already think of them have forgotten that it was in childhood or adolescence, and for you it does not matter much. However, it is not. Look at your life:

  • Are you happy with what is happening there?
  • Does the fact that you will bring happiness and joy?

In humans, the energy that flows without obstacles, many get easily in life. They get what they want, and they thus do not have to sacrifice health, their interests, the happiness in his personal life.

Giving to the world such as it is, can not feel safe.

Such as a child not to feel lonely and poor, the child had to adapt to the expectations and views of the surrounding significant adults. Then the school, which also does not possess in order to cultivate in children personality, to teach them a prosperous life. And in the end grows adult who forgot himself, has forgotten who he is, what he is, and begins to search for his destiny.

And this search - need to be a desire to remember yourself. I need to live happily ever after. Because we all unconsciously or consciously strive to pleasure in life.

Even the most talented child becomes the "Losers", when he is under stress.

High stress blocks the opportunity to study. Stress blocks the opportunity to be themselves and to know with full curiosity the world, easily and directly communicate with their peers.

Relaxation - the key to success in life. Child plays, engaged in creative work, doing what he is interested only when he feels safe. You grow, and the memory of experienced events live inside you - in Your body, in the form of blocks of feelings, emotions and memories. And we are with you it is important to heal the wounds of our inner child (our little), learn to relax, to settle in our body a sense of security. a sense of security to be yourself.

So, I will briefly describe the essence Destination Search.

We all understand why we are so important to know your destination:

all have the need to be a back to itself or, in other words, we all want to return yourself. Just a feeling; living and not surviving; doing what we tend; giving to the world such as it is; and gaining experience decision of the individuality and uniqueness of other people, a person becomes happy and feels truly alive .

So how can that be?

The experience of self-acceptance, and you for what you have, brings an analytical process, which turns out to reconsider its past patterns of behavior in the present, to understand their feelings, to understand yourself and love yourself completely. Imagine that you have the opportunity to return to the old days, and help yourself to heal the pain experience, support themselves, to give some guidance for the future, to explain himself, the child that It will happen next; and unlock the creative energy - the energy of life. You did not implement its purpose, because it is simply not strong enough!

The past can not be changed, but you can change your attitude to past events. You can change the past within the themselves. To keep your energy leak stopped on the experience of long ago, what still hurts. For those who have wronged you once (and perhaps are next to you until now), those experiences that are sometimes inadvertently come up images in your mind, or remind yourself some physical symptoms. After you get to change their attitude to past events and people - there will be an amazing change in the present.

Please contact us for assistance.

Seek help - it is an adult, a healthy personality.

It is absolutely normal.

Personally, I'll be glad to help you in the consultations. At your disposal will be all my knowledge, experience and a wonderful Emotional Freedom Techniques.

You will feel that you hear and understand.

And this is the beginning of the path to the "remembrance" of his destiny.