Come together to fear!

Fears at everyone.

and the expression may be different - from anxiety to fear, phobias, panic attacks, including those with physical manifestations. shortness of breath, heaviness and pain in the heart, sudden sweating or cold the body ...

Surprisingly, almost all fears can be decomposed into several basic groups.

Fear of death.

The fear of being unloved, not-taken.

Fear of fear itself.

In some cases - all these options together.

There are several strategies to work with fear.

The first - is to find your own, look him in the face.

By itself, the fear of man is a very necessary - it's like a fuse, safeguard against trouble. Only sometimes it is beyond the scope of their duties and begins to protect us from the dangers of imaginary, exaggerated.

Let's say, hypothetically, of course, the lift can break (and therefore the brain perceives as a real danger), but the likelihood of this is greatly exaggerated. After all, in fact it is a chance to not higher than the fall of a meteorite. However, the subconscious mind is still ...

While the processes occurring with us, we are unknown, they control us. It looks like a wild horse, on which we are holding a miracle, and it brings us to who knows where. But as soon as we are aware of, understand what is happening, the power passes into our hands. It's like a bridle - now the wild horse is subject, even if it tries to occasionally buck. The return of consciousness, self-awareness, the habit of introspection allows you to take control of the situation - only do these techniques in a relaxed atmosphere, is fear. A study of his fear may be using conversational therapy, dream analysis, drawings, sculpting, free association. We are afraid of the unknown and learn - cease to be afraid.

Another option - break the cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies and fears with the help of distraction. A meditative breathing, prayer, mantras, affirmations, EMDR technique, technique TAT - any actions that are consistent ritual and supporting peace.

It is also important to regain confidence - I have been through this fear and survived it, and then I'm stronger than that of fear. Perhaps drawing its positive future - focus on the best way of solving the situation. These methods are good when the situation itself with fear.

Another important step in the treatment of fear - it's his decision and the transformation of the base installation.

For example, fear of isolation comes from the basic need for love and recognition, and it is associated with the thought "I need to love others, because I was a little love." This setting on the deficit can be transformed with the help of hypnosis sessions Erickson, they discovered their source of infinite love. Or find a moment when he first appeared like fear, and in the past to restore the integrity and balance. It is possible and such a strategy - to go through the fear. Often people afraid of something, trying to escape from the most terrible in their view, do not let it in your mind. Sometimes version of shock therapy - living and making the most terrible, but together with fellow human therapist - allows us to understand that even the most terrible is not terrible.

Humans are very different from each other. Even the fear of similar cases are very different, because of this fear is the history, experience, experience. And a single method that fits all does not exist.

But there is a psychologist who runs along with you through your experience of fear, with you looking for a suitable for you way to solve the supports. And even that decision, a joint passage through the problem itself is a powerful therapeutic effect.

Because the subconscious mind firmly embedded - I'm not alone.

A alone is not scary.