The idea of ​​death saves

The idea of ​​death saves

Death destroys a person physically, but the idea of ​​Death saves him.

/ Irvin Yalom

Have you ever heard that people whose lives were in the balance, change?

People who managed to get in touch with the phenomenon of approaching death, and through it, never remain the same. They manage to take another look at the world. Aware of the finiteness of his existence, to understand the very "idea of ​​death", spoken of by Irvin Yalom.

Irvin Yalom, American psychiatrist and psychotherapist of the last century, has devoted many of his works towards existential psychotherapy. As Sigmund Freud once argued that the root cause of all is the libido - so Irvin Yalom proves that the most important thing for us is the idea of ​​death, which is formed in early childhood, and modified as they grow older.

It so happened that in our culture of death made silent.

And the child, asking questions and watching the excitement of an adult adopts the same attitude and begins to build a protective wall, sometimes deceiving themselves that it's about someone else, but not him. And to some extent, this protection is necessary for the child. But now he has matured and continues to consider themselves immortal. This is the most common scenario in our time in our culture. But it is not always the best. When a person thinks about death, willy-nilly, he flashed the thought that he himself is not eternal. It can even pronounce it outwardly. But the internal resistance is so large and constructed once the wall is so indestructible that internally in its finiteness, our people refuse to believe.

Continuing to consider themselves immortal, the person runs the risk of spending their time wasted. After realizing the "idea of ​​death" often comes insight about what to do to live a high quality, truly live.

In order to realize "the idea of ​​death," not necessarily "be in the balance." Sometimes, through observation of events and reflections on them the man himself comes to this. Sometimes, what happens after the complex situations of stress that had to go through.

How are the people who managed to realize their mortality and to overcome fear?

They are happy! They love life and build their own destiny, so to be happy. Filling yourself, your home and your environment only the most important, and they would never niggle, thinking, for example, "what will people say?" Or "I do not deserve."

This is the present, the healthy condition of man, pledged his very nature. True, Vladimir Korolenko said: "Man is created for happiness, like a bird to fly." Happiness can be constructed, staying in a calm and lucid state. A number of psychologists believe that it is precisely those walls, fenced off from thinking about death, interfere with life in the full sense of the word. Sustaining these walls takes a lot of resources, and from them still shines through overt or covert anxiety. And all this is superfluous, because if you find your own, accept his mortality as a natural process of nature, you can finally let go of the lion's share of their fears, to find harmony and to start to build a life that way, so it was really real.

A small test is to really live if you:

What would you do if you learned that only live for two days?

If the answer to the question, and what do you do usually, about the same - congratulations, you live really.

If not, you have something to think about.