The coolest guide on losing weight. introduction

The coolest guide on losing weight. introduction

This article is very large, and for ease of reference, I'll break it into several parts.

When overweight has become a problem for you - it's time to take responsibility and tackle the problem of.

No need to tirelessly search for a suitable motivation on the Internet - create it yourself.

Remember that most of the "slimming" stop after hours of searching for a beautiful motivashki. Psyche perceives this as a job search.

If you are really ready to do your body and life - read on.

It works everywhere!

Absolutely all diets deficient calories work. Scientists from different countries with the '60s to the present time have conducted many studies. Formula food is constantly changing, interest ZHBU compositions. Total one: with the same calorie deficit all slimming proceeded at the same rate.

That is, no matter what your diet - the main calorie deficit diet and time. The main problem with the diet - is to observe it long enough. To do this, you just need to diet liked.

How to choose a diet?

The diet should be both useful and enjoyable. Choose by yourself or with the help of a nutritionist desired percentage of business with pleasure.

As usual look diets.

  1. is not useful, but it's nice.

    Western human standard diet. Many fast food - fat, carbohydrates, a lot of calories. Quickly eaten, quickly digested well. Semi-finished products can be quite often is, as more likely to experience hunger. Calories with this diet is consumed very much. Food is crammed with flavors, fat, sugar - very nice, but not helpful. In such a meal is almost no protein and fiber.

  2. Dietstol "useful".

    Very healthy food, but it is not pleasant. Such diets on the internet are very popular. Recall, for example, buckwheat diet. Yes, it is useful and healthy saturates. But eat it on a regular basis or even a couple of weeks is maintained unit. Such a diet throw all.

  3. vile and harmful.

    Casa Detox diets superpohudeniya "with one spoon of this means you lose ...", cleaning coffee enemas and other rubbish. Such power or procedure, you can burn the stomach or intestine, harm throughout the body irreparably.

  4. with pleasure.

    Here's what you need to strive for! Your diet should be loved, understood and useful. Diet - a way of life, and the life - it's a long thing.

Let's look at with pleasure and a little look at how it works and how it all count.

What is the "business with pleasure"?

1. Personal taste preferences.

If you are very fond of food, rich in carbohydrates, then, for example, ketogenic diet will not work. At least once.

2. Do you like to share days with "discharge" and "holiday"?

3. Remember that the easier it will be in the favorite diet - the longer you're in it.

About the usefulness of this or I do here will not write other products. Just give advice - read scientific articles in selecting products, rather than forums, "I have my mother cook" or "traditional recipes". 4. Very important the psychological aspect.

Self-discipline works wonders. You yourself must regulate when and what can and should eat, and what to refuse. Also, you need to understand what type of person do you think of - to the self-regulating type or exclude.

  • The first type is capable of self control yourself, allow yourself to something delicious, relaxed at the same time offer;
  • The second type so can not, he needs control and strict limits.

The total one - any diet should approach your life to her image.

5. Physiology.

The most important thing - to control calorie, high-quality to the choice of food, to reduce the percentage of fat and carbohydrates and train at the level of health.

In the next article I will tell you about the prioritization of food.