Where does self-confidence?

Where does self-confidence?

Confidence depends on what kind of education was as a child: you are encouraged or not for your achievements, whether criticized. How exactly do you take criticism.

Most often, parents are required to tell you if something goes wrong; but when everything is fine - it is perceived as a matter of course. It turns out that the parents arrives one negative.

So growing up, no matter what we did, what kind of results and success achieved no - we do not see them, we do not appreciate, do not notice. This is as it should be in our picture of the world.

But criticism sounds like an inner voice, and we snatch from everywhere around you. Habit.

A confident person is able to see both achievements and mistakes. On the one - based, others perceive as an experience from which draws lessons. A confident person is able to take criticism, but knows how to stand up for themselves, if the charges are unfair. And arguments. Confident person values ​​himself and accepts. Do not underestimate or overestimate. He loves and respects himself, respects the people around.

To develop a sense of self-confidence can be. The main thing - to have the desire. Make the first steps towards his confidence. Check it out. Start it in himself to develop:

  1. reconciled with itself. Stop harassing criticism, samoedstvom. You criticize themselves constantly? It's for you to somehow improve? And your life? Try different. This method does not work
  2. Change the environment, if it is those who just tries to criticize you! Get rid of those voices around him, their power, by multiplying the uncertainty and negativity.
  3. Let all around you there are people who see you as valuable qualities, believe in you and support. You with them along the way! They will imbue you with faith and confidence.
  4. Uncertainty - it including fear of failure and setbacks. Job fears will save you from many problems. Fear, if you look at it, is fraught with a lot of strength and energy. Make fear your allies. Sometimes this can be done independently. Sometimes it can help an individual work with a psychologist.
  5. Learn to value yourself and your achievements. Write them in a separate notebook. Even small steps for you may be a huge effort and requires that you have noticed this movement, happy for myself, arrogated to themselves the result of
  6. Change image. Look at yourself. Pay attention. Start with the exterior, these changes to come into your life! Pick the clothes, the style that is right for you. Your sense of self change.
  7. Start a healthy lifestyle. For some it's a sport, for someone - a proper diet. For someone in time to go to bed and sleep. Start small. Do not try to implement all at once.
  8. Try to think positively. Find in the circumstances around you, the positive side. Praise yourself for being successful with something to cope. Keep a Diary achievements!
  9. Start learning. New knowledge and skills will strengthen your self-confidence. Skill at the right time to find the right information and learn something - is the key to self-confidence. With what would you come across in life, you'll know: I can find it, understand use.
  10. Get inspired! Dance, listen to music, read books, do what you love. This gives us confidence! Love yourself, despite the fact that in front of you a lot of work on themselves! Reward yourself for all the achievements!

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