The coolest guide on losing weight. Sportpit

The coolest guide on losing weight. Sportpit

Now see even the novice athlete without a huge number of cans with sports nutrition is impossible.

The new fashion for fast chemical Kutch spread with the wind speed. Each has several sportpitaniya shopping mall.

Burnery, Creatine, predtreniki, isotonic, proteins, creatine and more full of shelves, and the seller is happy to advise you, the beginner, 5-6 jars to start heavy way an athlete.

Let's understand all the same to them.


Caffeine A popular fat burner and energy. A lot of people to wake up and keep yourself in a cheerful state of mind and body, drinking coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine actually helps intensively engaged and helps fat oxidation. But there are many but.

  1. It is better to take it in pill in minimal dosages of 4 to 6 mg per kilogram of body weight one hour before exercise.
  2. Coffee has diuretic properties consider this when it drink before going out.
  3. The best results (X4) gives green unroasted coffee. For people who are not coffee drinkers, may be replaced this drink Chinese green tea or fermented Puer. Energy right tea gives not less coffee.

L-carnitine It is sold as a supplement in pharmacies and sports nutrition stores. This amino acid creates intracellular movement of fat to the place of their processing. In addition, it protects the brain from withering and age changes, slowing down processes of inflammation in it. Dosage starting from 500 mg and can be raised up to 2500 mg. Synephrine Chemistry, restraining activity Body receptors that inhibit fatty acid cleavage procedure.

Coenzyme A, pantethine, b5

It lowers cholesterol levels and helps in the utilization of fats.

These medications at the correct dosages and loads do not give side effects on our body.

Weight gain

Creatine monohydrate It is well researched and the most safe. It increases the tolerance to high physical exertion and significantly inhibit yaet process accumulation of lipofuscin in brain than protects it from aging. Creatine helps build muscle. Dosages starting from 0.3 g / kg per day to work in the room, and to maintain the body sufficiently and 5 grams per day.

Protein No magic, just protein in digestible form. Person per day need about 1, 5 g / kg of protein, but for training, the more muscle growth, you need at least 2-3 g / kg of protein, and it becomes easy to get the right amount. For this protein and is sold in cans.

Proteins are divided into:

  • Creatine - a high-calorie protein with carbohydrates and fats;
  • casein - a protein complex recommended for weight loss, low-calorie and nutritious;
  • whey protein - a highly purified protein consistency with a minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates. Creates a rather high concentration of amino acids in the muscles and blood, and it is very necessary after the training, in addition, it excites the secretion of insulin.

Other sports nutrition products are necessary only for specific directions of work in the gym.

Do not forget to take chondroprotector glucosamine, it is necessary for us to maintain joint function, inflammation prevention, good mobility. Many studies have shown that glucosamine does not work together with chondroitin, that is, these substances neutralized each other. As part of glucosamine pills can only prevent collagen and hyaluronic acid, which have a positive impact on the joint fluid and ligaments, and do not affect the digestibility of glucosamine.

On that note, I end guide additives and hope you clarified the situation on the market of tablets and powders.

In the next article I'll detail structure of the diet how to avoid failures and errors.