Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 1

The article was published with the consent of the client.

disease - this is the language we are subject ... To understand the disease you need to open a project that creates a subject in his unconscious ...

Then, a second step is required, which should make the patient: it should change. If a person is psychologically change, disease, being

abnormal flow of life will disappear ... / Dr. A. Meneghetti

Imagine that blitz quiz psychology question was asked, "What are the most typical pretipichnuyu-sacrifice self-aggression", the correct answer would be - "nails". First baby, then, if not lucky enough to cope with the compulsive self-aggression, even adults.

Onychophagia (self-harm nails and fingertips) - with a common problem, and my mother asked me ten years' girl. Girl, let's call it Karina, beautiful, accurate and demanding to themselves, agreed to work with a psychologist to hunting, but also a certain degree of doom c.

What are our nails?

This dense horny plate on the back of the fingers. The roots of the word-definitions - "horn", "rear", "up" - contain the message of protection even in official anatomical definition. Direct purpose polish - protect the soft fingertips, create a lever, a support for the back of the fingers, if something pressed. Also nails can be scratched by attacking or defending. Long shiny manicure easily associated with machetes and perfectionism.

  • Learn how to manage your own aggression;
  • to learn to trust the world (receive protection);
  • to defend himself;
  • to learn to deal with fear;
  • to weaken the control of the commitment to excellence

- a priori task for anyone, attacking their own nails. Many well-known psychologists telesniki - Louise Hay, Vladimir Jikarentsev Liz Bourbeau, Antonio Meneghetti - it is in this vein that assayed Onychophagia.

Theory is always interesting to check in practice.

From conversations with my mom and Karina transpired ontogeny habit. During weaning mother left for a week, leaving the child's mother. The habit of sucking the finger was still up to a year, which may indicate an alarming scenario, the base paired mother-child, a weak nervous system of a baby, a tendency to compulsive actions. Sharp weaning aggravated the situation.

It is also important to note that Karina missed the crawling stage.

Few parents are aware of the physiology of the cerebral cortex: the first movement of the child form the neural paths directly into the gray matter, only with time function "transferred" to the Office of the lower parts of the brain, and no longer be realized. If step polznaniya passed, it is reflected on the intellectual, emotional and volitional development of the baby: the left and right hemispheres as it avoids cooperate with each other, resulting in the child grows more alarming, it is difficult to switch, capture the humor in situations, it is prone to viscosity thoughts and hence sentiment .

Home was a normal reaction: persuasion mixed with lecturing, shaming and intimidation. From what the situation is only getting worse. Too often, many parents require their child to do the impossible. More precisely, impossible for a child at the moment, for example, begin to study well, cease to be shy, make friends ... And I must admit that it is also a manifestation of parental love, even rash. Most often, the fathers and mothers themselves experience anxiety, uncertainty and other heavy feeling in connection with children's problems. But as the relationship with the parents generally warm, loving, intelligence Karina tall, ambitious character, the symptom was not shown for the time being. Summer vacation on the symptom almost disappeared, the school also appears again.

Projective techniques have confirmed that the need for security is really relevant. In addition, it appeared:

  • Fear of loss, lack of someone from the family (in the mind of the baby for a long absence of the mother is equal to its actual death);
  • the motives of injustice, unequal power relations in the family;
  • with the boundaries of the problem;
  • .

  • violation of the triad mother-father-child (individual experience, save yourself from this triad On the one hand, the girl remains in a merger with the family, on the other - unconsciously perceives himself outcast, excluded from the circle of affluent separation of these contradictions is impossible. );
  • acute need for external protection (subjective distrust of the father and brother);
  • the need for order, clean, "to be obedient and good," to "be the best" (perfectionism)

The first sandpit Karina on any subject.

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 1

Fig. 1. The name "Balanced World".

Sand composition depicts how crowded the mind of a teenage girl images and growing challenges. Three independent world (predators, good Pets and the City) are not in contact with each other. And yet, somehow brought into balance with the help of fences. The energies of these worlds are locked, virtually inaccessible to each other. How to survive predators, remained a mystery (superseded from consciousness). Ego girl becomes aware of predatory side and a private nature and the outside world, but how to deal with aggression (yours or someone else's), it's unclear. It is known only one way - to deter aggression (hidden behind a fence).

Interestingly, the evil animals in the world are the Kangaroo in a kangaroo pouch and Begemotiha with Hippo, they are surrounded by predators and mimic them. When I pay attention to it, then the figures Karina without ceasing, and explained that they are large, strong, and have become accustomed. In relation to itself naturally woven aggression, which has become habitual.

City landshaf m with hotels in Turkey, sunsets, and the houses in which the protagonists Old Man and Old Woman (archetypal figures of consciousness), as they are most concerned about the world, caused the greatest tension. And if they choose the place for the symptom, the symptom would have settled here in the human world, "where the bustle, traffic jams, cars, a lot of nerves." And his character was found - perhaps it's the prickly cactus.

good animal world attracts most, some of them are very clever animal - Monkey. It is likely to give hope to the aid of the mind in the struggle with a bad habit. And shows us with Kareena, it is important for it to be serious. Nevertheless, the "mind" is presented instinctive, primitive creature.

Also this sandbox speaks about the importance of 10-year-old girl dyad "mother-child" of how the contact with the dark side of the Great Mother, the absorption of the mother archetype. A sense of lack of freedom and closeness comes from the composition as a whole.

However, you need to thank this symptom. Because thanks to him, life is still not beyond the unthinkable and have a way to deal with something horrible and bloodthirsty that occupies one-third of the inner world.

The fauna is obviously close human, can not blend in with his stories. human world tasks are complex and emotionally charged, with all the signs of high self-esteem and the ability to dream about the beautiful.

Feat small client that her psyche is ready to come into contact with uncontrolled Eid (the beginning of the animal within himself). Black housecat all eyes looking at wild animals behind a fence. Bird parrot can become a mediator between the worlds (and indeed, he still will play a role), The butterfly symbolizes the aspiration of the girls to be reborn, therapy openness. And I admit that sincere alliance with Karina I felt during all five sessions.

Above I have indicated, that the symptom appeared not so long ago.

The history of the habit.

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 1

Figure 2. The history of occurrence of a bad habit. For the first time, this habit came in kindergarten (5 years old kid on the bed and white building with a rodent on the threshold), then on vacation at the lake (restless Masha, 6 years) and the school when Karina went to the first class .

The composition itself already contains the imbalance:

  • all the figures are arranged in a zone of super-ego
  • a sharp break, a kind of shortbread highway - in the middle of the composition,
  • in the area of ​​feelings, the actual emotions at the bottom of the right - of emotions Lake (surprisingly, resembles the shape of a woman's breast).

If you look closely at the picture on the sand, you can see the swaddled baby, which extend someone's hands, and brushed aside a child's hand on his chest. The Sandbox line of conflict runs between the representation of the highest women's early and social confidence in the level of the body.

By the way, socially confident children (on the level of the body) is distinguished nesuetlivy expressive movement, a loud voice, courage, self-expression, a deep sleep. Karina has difficulty in almost all these points.

Continued sleduet.`